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I have been ripped off twice not at Menards, First rebate was for 150.00 I let it go. I figured it was a error.

I sent other rebates , one for 143.00 and one for 10.00 , the one for 10.00 came back, the 143.00 did not. I called Menards, they said they could not do anything about it. They said go to Rebate International, 3 emails to them , no reply.

Do no expect Menards to pay like they promise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I am not shopping at menards since I didn’t receive my rebate of $55 ,


I'm in let's start a class action law suit.


It's the rebate center not putting the rebates in envelopes tempting the postal employees on all levels of management to easily pocket the rebate. We need a class action lawsuit!!!


There is no reason Menards wouldn't want to give you the rebate. That's just silly.

1) The rebate gets you back in their stores.

2) You'll probably spend more than the value of the rebate.

3) Tarnishing their program/brand name to save a buck (or hundred) isn't worth it.

Chances are either you goofed or it was stolen, in which case you can request it be reissued.


I noticed the Rebate Center thru it's web site 5 times due to a shortage on my rebate. I've never been answered and it was only for $8.

I spoke to a store manager 3 times and showed my receipts and rebate card. Instead of giving me an in-store credit, they referred me back to the web site.

Yesterday, a manager named Patty told me if the purchased items were on sale, I couldn't get the 11% rebate. I think she's wrong but after she said that....I gave up.


You have to follow directions and send by the date on the rebate form. If not you WILL NEVER get it.

You can go online to and check the status just by entering zip code and house number.

If they were scamming people all the time then they wouldnt be in business. Most of the time its the individuals fault, they just never want to admit it.


Haven't had a problem getting mine in the past 15 years. I bet a lot of people throw them away not realizing the post card they get is actually the credit check.


Now how on earth do you expect John Menard to sponsor an indy car team if he has to give all that money back to people! Jeez.


I have sent in tons of rebates and always gotten mine. Plus Menaras had been song the rebates for atleast 10 years.

If they weren't sending them back there would have been a class action lawsuit on this. I'd double check that you sent them in correctly.


I would check with your mailman. Menards rebates are known to be stolen in the mail by your mailman, especially larger ones. Google it if you don't believe me.


I shop at Menard's because they carry some things I like and need, plus it is close to home. However, I learned like you to never trust their rebates and now never, ever buy anything from Menard's with a rebate on it---even if the bottom line says the price is zero "after rebate." Unreliable, to say the least.