Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Ordered cabinets from Menards in Cheyenne. We live 60 miles away, 3 trips to get it ordered because only 1 gal could do the ordering.

Sink cabinet special-buy 10 cabinets, get a free upgrade. I asked for the tilt down sponge holder (have to have that) but also got door baskets and pad for leaks. 3 wks later, get the bill with 110 interest charge and we don't even have our cabinets yet! The next day they come and no tilt down sponge holder-call and they they will get one sent to me.

Argue with credit card people and get 110 taken off. Contractor puts in top cabinets, crown molding too short-spend 380 on new size. Bottom cabinets in corner, can't use drawer because it hits the dishwasher- pretty mad about that part but what can they do now?? Go to order counter and must order sink with it so they know hole size.

3 weeks later borrow trailer to go get it (took 1 hour to find it). Never found the sink, never ordered! They say, we will make it right. They have me buy a sink base that may fit at full price.

Doesn't fit they have to special order mine, another 3 weeks! How do they make it right??? I only have to pay 325 instead of 365 for the sink!! I have spent that in gas fir their errors!!

Good quality but I will not go back to Menards!!

Very disappointed and frankly, mad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Menards...... Taking the service out of customer service since they opened their doors.


The Thing Happened to Me Could Not Find the orders or forgot to order the order, Wrong sizes Had to go 62 miles 4 times.

Not a Happy Customer

But the quality was OK


This is why you should always go to a professional instead of a box store. It may cost a little more, but at least it would be done correctly.

Menards doesn't train their employees on kitchen design. you get what you pay for!


No matter where you buy it is always a good idea to get the person who will be doing the installation involved with the planning of a project like this. At least have them review the drawings an materials list before you order.

Whether you pay with cash, check or credit card you have to pay when the order is placed, not when the product comes in. Why are you arguing with the credit card company? You used the card to place an order.

When it arrives has nothing to do with them. Pay your bills and don't be a deadbeat.


You have to have knowledge of cabinetry and ability to accurately measure and plan a kitchen layout. Menards is not a full service kitchen cabinet store.

It is, however, one of the best home improvement stores I've seen. Their prices can't be beat. You have to scrutinize the order before placing. Yes, I found errors in my kitchen cabinet order.

I also called the cabinet company to confirm some of the details of the cabinet order just to ensure it was correct. It took very little effort on my part to make that call but gave me peace of mind.