Rochester, New York

Today my husband went back to the Menards in International Falls to inform the store that they had not charged him for some bird feed. The cost for the item was $8.54.

The clerk at the return desk did not even thank him for returning to the store to pay for the item. In fact she said they were sorry they didn't charge him in the beginning. A simple thank you for coming to pay for the item was all that was necessary. The store would have been out that amount if my husband hadn't returned to the store.

If he had walked out of the store and been stopped, might have been arrested.

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Thank you to you and your husband for your honesty.

Not everyone is as well-spoken and on top of their game at all times, and deserve a little slack. I'm sure she meant well, but may not be a master of knowing the exact right thing to say at the exact right time.

Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.


In your own post you acknowledged that they apologized and said they were sorry they had missed it the first time.


They dont owe you a thank you. If he didnt come back in to pay for it then he would be a theif.


No one owes anyone a thank you. This is silly self entitlement logic working at it's finest.



On behalf of our whole staff and president the great John Menard thank you for catching your husband in the act of theft and teaching him a lesson he should of learned at a kid. stealing is wrong, effects everyone and most of all effect payroll of my department and my bonuses. You must realize your husbands criminal act is not a one time occurance. Watch your purse, check book, personal items, credit cards and everything else with great care. He will strike again, possibly even against you or your family. Mr 5 finger discount may even take from your elderly parents. He is a theif and should of been charged. Also as far as im concerned as a menards team member the birds who eat the stolen food are just as guilty as your husband. Next time keep a closer eye on your dishonest partner

thank you


full time Menards team member

@menards team member for life

one of the greatest things i've ever read. :grin