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I bought a Brute power washer with an Honda engine last Summer 2014. It cost over $500. I brought it home and set it up strictly according to the instruction manual and it ran for about twenty minutes and stopped. After double checking the setup and looking online for any troubleshooting help unsuccessfully, I took it back to the Menards store where I had purchased it and explained the problem I had with the equipment to the return desk attendant. She said that the store policy was that once gas was put in the power washer, Menards would not issue a return. This was the first level of frustration I experienced ie, how do you know there is a problem unless you put gas in it and try to operate it?

The very young store manager on duty told me to take it to a small engine repair shop that did their warranty repairs that was an additional 22 miles from the store and a total of 52 miles from my home. This to repair a brand new power washer with 20 minutes of service. I told the manager that he could just keep he power washer. He said fine just leave it on the sidewalk outside and walked away.

I took the power washer back to my home and decided to just take it to a local shop and have it repaired at my own additional expense. The local shop looked at the washer and found a valve that was seizing and advised me that a repair expense might be prohibitive.

I phoned Menards and explains the situation and a different store manager on duty advised me that it was no longer any concern of Menards and to contact the engine manufacturer. I told him this was unacceptable and he told me that I must take it to their warranty service center 52 miles away. I saw that this was really the only way that I was ever going to be able to use this $500 power washer. Reluctantly, I got the name of this warranty repair center from the manager and left with my third level of frustration in full swing.

Before I drove the distance to the repair center, I phoned the center only to find out that the number given to me by Menards for THEIR warranty service was disconnected. Deciding to do some investigative wok, I phoned another similar business in the same town and they told me that the business that Menards referred me to had been closed for two years.

I phoned the Menards store and the store manager just laughed at such a ridiculous mistake and told me again that it was not Menards problem and to contact the engine manufacturer for further information. By this time, I am frustrated to the point that I am beginning to understand why rational people react so inappropriately to similar situations.

Also, I bought really nice garden hose and a wire brush from Home Depot to take care of some of my power washing needs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Menards Cons: Refund policy, Response of local management, Store manager attitude.

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I keep seeing a lot of post from States that don't have a Menards. I'm bored and used to work here so was just reading the post. I've seen at least 6 post from States out east.


If you don't type in a city and state a random location may show up. It has nothing to do with where you live, more likely your internet providers home city.


If you bother looking at the warranty that came with the power washer it covers repair, not replacement of a defective product. In the case of gasoline powered items, the problems are all to often caused by the consumer.

Often times oil is not added to the engine as required and ruins the engine. This is not the problem of the manufacturer or the retailer, it is abuse caused by the operator. This is why they require gas powered products to go to a service center. The warranty that came with the power washer will provide information on how to find a service center for your product.

The fact that it ran for 20 minutes and then quit indicates it was in working order when it left the store. Did you have the proper amount and type of oil in the engine? Did you bother contacting the manufacturer who is responsible for the warranty? The manufacturer will have the most up to date information on where to take it for repair.

Unfortunately they don't always send that information to the retail stores when they make changes. Keep in mind that you are blaming Menards for "their" warranty service. It is NOT Menards that is responsible for the warranty.

It is the manufacturer of the product. Your complaint should be against them rather than the retail store.


What exactly is the issue? Some of your post makes me think you're a troll the other portion just makes me think you're not very bright.

You can read I'm assuming seeing how you can write on an internet forum, IT'S POSTED ON YOUR RECEIPT AND NEAR ALL THE POWER WASHERS that you cannot return it to the store once gas is put into the unit! This is not rocket science! It's to protect Menards from people who use them as a free rental facility and from the others who just destroy the item because of their ignorance. Everyone always says how am I suppose to know if it will work if I don't put gas in it, WELL IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT AT ALL!

It's not relevant! The second gas is added to the machine it becomes a used item losing it's value! The manafucture will not take it back. Menards will sell it at half the price and it will take up unwanted inventory space for months because no one comes to Menards to by used/repaired items.......

BUT YOU DON'T GET TO SEE THAT SIDE OF THE BUSINESS! YOU JUST ASSUME IT'S MENARDS TRYING TO PULL ONE OVER ON YOU! HAHAHAH WE GOT YOUR MONEY!!!! I can assure you this making a fuss to the store employees is not going to do you any good!

They're is absoutly nothing they can do about it, not unless they want to get fired and I HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN! The good news for you is it will be covered under the 2 year manufacture warranty as long as you go to the authorized repair shop that you totally blew off in the first place because YOU DID NOT WANT TO LISTEN.


Mr. Shark ...

how long have you worked for MEANards ... They told about a repair facility that had been closed for 2 years and the phone number was disconnected. Besides that ...

his story is a rendering of how Menards runs their business ... they suck at it!!


6-years. If you think you can run a business better I suggest you try to do so while guest/customers treat you like garbage and try and take advantage of the system to scam you out of cash.