Hutchinson, Minnesota
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Sales circular came out Sunday. We had a snow storm that day.

Monday went to purchase a tool on sale for 49.95. They were out. Was told 3 coming in this week. A man in front of me wanted 2.

I wanted 2. They made us pay for them so we could get the 40.00 rebate costing only 9.95 for the product. When I got home Menards called to tell me no more coming in to return slip to credit my acct. That was another trip to the store who had none on hand to begin with.

This happens all too often. This store serves a lot of neighboring communities and this is a waste of time , gas etc.

tobuy something not on hand ever. Getting tired of this sales practice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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Sale prices only guarantee the price, it does not guarantee items will be in stock. It's this way for all retail places including online retailers as well.

The Menards employee that allowed you to do a prepaid on those items technically broke Menards policy on no prepaids for such things. If you're mad at anyone it should be that fool of an employee who didn't follow policy in the attempt to try and make you happy. Often Menards flyers are printed with out checking stock of locations and often things go on sale that are low on quantity or have no stock at all. If it's not a rebate or discounted item or does not say while supplies last all you're entitled to is a sorry slip that extends the price for 90 days.

If it's aviable for order you can do that as well. Pre-paying on such a thing is foolish and that employee should be reprimanded, but I guarantee you were being all huffy about it and he wanted to do whatever he could to get you out of his/her face.