Schererville, Indiana

Every time I went into Menards with a list of 3 or 4 items they never had more than 1 of them. Since Home Depot was next strore I went there.

Now Menards has built a huge new store that looks like a high level department store. I don't want to shop at a home improvement store that looks Macys. But I thought I'd give them a chance. So I walked in looking for 2 things and they didn't have either one.

Considering the fact that Home Depot is next store and Lowes is only a mile away. Why would I shop in a fancy home improvement store that never has what I want.

Home Depot now has all my business with an occasional stop at Lowes. Menards better rethink about what they are

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I to experience the same thing. Had a knee replacement went in Menards in Schererville for a small base light bulb.

Where are they upstairs. UPSTAIRS! Well, hobbled my way up there.

Here's a lady working the the lighting isle & half the isle was empty.

She said oh were out, sorry.

I thought how could a huge store like that have no light bulbs.

I knew I should of went to Home Depot...


I saw a couple of guys in Menard's "getting it on!" on the back of the store, in the plumbing section!


What was it exactly you wanted? Sale items?

Crazy items you made up in your head that every place should carry? High demand items? Seasonal items? What were these items you wanted so I can educate you on why your thought process is foolish.

I highly suggest you work retail for 1 year in a retail store similar to Menards and see how impossible it is to keep everything in stock. Most the time it has nothing to do with the retailer it has to do with the manufacture!

Perhaps you should try working for a manufacture and see how often they back order stuff because they cannot keep up with supply and demand. Look at the big picture fool it's impossible to keep everything stocked 100% 24/7.


And we go after the customer right away?

Wow, I have worked retail in my life and we need to get back to customer service and not hiding behind a fake name on a site that people use to be heard.

If an item is out of stock and you try and work with the company and they don't do anything to help, then we, as a customer, do no have to shop there anymore!


Well, change manufacturers, the other hardware stores don't have a problem. Look at the big picture fool 0% 24/7 has nothing to do with supply & demand. It means Menards has poor ordering skills & poor management.