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i purchased carpet for my house from menards and was told by sales ***. that the carpet i was buying had a 10 year stain warranty.

3 weeks after i installed it the kid spilled koolaid on it and u guessed it it wont come out! went back to the store they told me i would have to go to the manufacturer so i did they said they dont cover koolaid stains along with a long list of other things they dont cover.

told the store this and they told me to write a letter to there main office there was nothing they could do. looks like in going to lowes from now on thanks menards for hosing me

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Menards is completely deceptive in selling carpet. They advertise there is a 10 year stain warranty. I called Orin Carpets, the manufacturer, and they told me they "have never" sent a rep to view the problem carpet. Menards corp said the manufacturer would send out a rep. THERE IS NOT CARPET WARRANTY when purchasing from Menards. They only reason they say "10 year" vs sa a "5 year" warranty is so they can charge more money. According to the Orion Rep, there isn't "much of a difference".

I am filing a deceptive advertising law suit against Menards shortly.

I used to love MENARDS and have purchased between 10-30k per year worth of products every year. NO MORE!! They really could care less about the consumer. THE BOTTOM LINE IS ALL THAT MATTERS. Top level management at Menards should be changed. It's to bad menards is a private company as the owners including the sons are GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY and are so arogant!! Severe flaws in charater .


arge chains purposely make sure consumers are uneducated. They will sell you a product they know nothing about and have had no experience with, hire employees who know nothing of the product, fibers, and performance.

Then they will have an installer knee-kick in your carpet for min wage, and tell you to have it stretched every two years. My advice, go to a store where they know your name when you walk in, they give you honest advice from trained professionals, also, having at least a 10 year labor warranty would also benefit you from expensive re-stretches, and insure professional proper installation. Beware of all the 99$ whole house installs… poor work and quality, that you pay for in the long run. Don’t pay lots of money for a quality carpet, and then have it installed by high school kids working for a box store.

Unhappy, underpaid employees will give you the quality of work that you can only expect from someone who hates their job. Remember, the quality of your carpet is greatly affected by pad and quality of installation.

Don’t skimp on either. Carpet is an investment that should be taken seriously.


Menards has all of the warranty information available for the carpet. I purchased carpet and asked for a copy of the warranty.

They gladly gave me one. Its simple questions that get answers that satisfy customers. Ask lots of questions and any store will answer them. Sorry for your lack of knowledge of the sales process.

Home Depot also gave me the warranty for the carpet I bought there. Just ask


SO, you have enought time to wrote a letter to the general office but not enough time to ask about this warranty?


should of had them look up the warranty


I bought Smart Strand by Mohawk and that is superior carpet! Try that next time.


See if you can find Stain Extinguisher by Chem Dry. It's gotten tough stains including ink and kool-aid out of my carpet.


its not menards fault that your kid was careless, go hire a professional carpet cleaner,and he will get that stain out.


i understand that menards dosent warranty the carpet but they have no literature explaining the warranty so you have to take the sales persons word on it. by the way they are still selling this carpet to customers telling them the warranty covers all stains


Menards or any retailer you buy carpet from doesn't warranty the carpet. The manufacturer does. It's unfortunate you didn't take the time to read their warranty.