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I went to Menards again the other day to buy SCotts Turf Builder and could not find it. When i finally found an employee that knew anything, they told me that Menards no longer carries SCottts.

WTF. I only buy Scotts, it works and helps me maintain the best lawn in the neighborhood. My dad bought Scotts and my grandfather bought Scotts, i will only byuy SCotts because it works.

Now i have to shop somewhere else. it is worth the 1 mile drive to Home DEpot or Target to get what i want.

plus the Menards service and knowledge blows.

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If you are looking for the most popular name brands of products avoid Menards. Menards hates to have to compete with every other retailer in town for price.

It cuts into their profits. They would rather carry products that aren't in every other store allowing them to avoid competing for the lowest price, keeping their margins higher.


You're complaining about having to drive 1 mile?


Menards fetilizer is just a good as Scott read the Application rate for your spreader and you will save Big Money


Having used both I find the Scotts works much better. Menards fertilizer uses much larger pellets than the Scotts. It seems that the Scotts fertilizer gives a much more even distribution of the fertilizer.for a faster more even green.


I shop at menards quite often and I have found very good customer service.

Also, I have used scott's, as well as had a service handle my lawn for two years, and now, for the first time, I am using the menards fertilizer progr am.

I can say without doubt, that with the menards fertiler, my lawn has never looked better, and has never had so few weeds.

Totally pleased beyo bd e pectations with menards.


Anyone else find it hard to sympathize with someone that can't even spell what they bought? If you can't spell fertilizer, why should any of us believe that if you purchased an alternative brand to Scotts you could follow the directions for optimal results? Just saying....


The phase the customer is always right is just another way to say I'm a self entitled ***. It's a silly notion that makes working retail a living nightmare.


I prefer quality brands with guaranteed results. Menards product hasn't worked for me.

I will shop elsewhere to get what I want and need.

What happened to the customer is always right? Apparently Menards does not care about the customer.

I will declare my loyalty to another retailer if Menards does not want me.


Most of the lawn care products are very very similar. yes Scotts has less 'filler' but it's 2-3 times more expensive than the other brands they carry at Menards and there was not enough sales of Scotts to make it worthwhile to keep carrying it.

You can use more natural products on your lawn too ya know. Lime, milorganite. Proper watering and overseeding. Taking care of weeds before they spread.

All this helps and is more natural.

I happen to work at a Menards and I do encourage my guests to do things more naturally. While there are a lot of uninformed people there taking up space, some of us (a few) actually know a thing or two about our department.


Scotts is not better then Menards brand fertilizer you're just paying more for a name a lot MORE.


I used scotts and it didnt work. I used menards and it worked great for my lawn. Hmm.


I too found out about Menards not carrying Scotts last night. I echo the comments above - I've tried Menards brand lawn products and they are a waste of time & money.

Actually, in my opinion, the products that carry the Menards or Tool Shop brand are ultra cheap quality - that's my opinion.

I'll buy certain Tool Shop items (such as a hammer or chisel) but never anythings with multiple parts (power drill, etc.). I like Menards but you really have to know what NOT to buy there.


Don't forget to shop our made in China sale!!! Get a 100% rebate (in-store credit only) when you return it.


I have tried Menards fertilizer before hoping to save a buck or 2. The fact is, it did not work.

The grass did not turn green and it had no *** control. It is a waste of money, you can tell as soon as you open the bag and try to use it. I will not waste my money on that again. I use Scotts because it has always worked for me.

It is worth the money...to me. Why fertilize if it doesn't work?

Menard's fertilizer does not work

@Menards ferrilizer blows

I used menards fertilizer for the first time and carefully followed the instructions and am very satisfied with the results I have used both scotts and menards and got good results. Yes menards is less expensive but seems to work fine.

@yard dog

I have also used scots but this year I have used Menards only and the lawn looks exelent it works but we have had more rain than normal still l'll save the money and keep using it


using twice as much cut rate product to do the same job just so you guys can make a buck! typical!

consumers purchase product based on the name and quality. you have to be out of your mind to think that your *** fertilizer is of the same quality as scotts!

if it was then you would'nt have to use twice as much! duh!


the advantage to the menards lawn fertilizer is they are 15% cheaper and much higher profit margin for the store then name brand, sure you use twice as much product compared to name brand but thats minor details.

and remember save big money on low quality generic items "WHEN YOU SHOP MENARDS"!!!!


If you look at the ingredients/contents and compare the Scott's with other brands, I think you will see a marked similarity. You might have to use the internet to decipher the chemical names, but if all you will use is Scott's, then you are wasting alot of money.

Many, many other products and brands will work fine for you.

You are in a rut. Expand your thinking


A satisfied customer from Nebraska