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Decides to purchase an item a couple weeks ago - mid week. Tried to learn about that kind of product through research and talking with people who know much more than I.

Had the product from Menard's in cart for a couple I finished, thinking I would probably go that way. Last view was Sat nite. Woke early Sunday with first thought to make the purchase - local store had many. But evidently ( Yes, I should have looked) the sale ended 12/3.

Contacted Menard's on Sunday at several levels but they would not give me a credit to buy at the sale price. Their position was that computer prices had changed. But a credit would have eliminated that as a defense. I buyt from Menard's almost exclusively W/O checking other stores..

and I buy a lot. This past year, have built a deck, a barn and a garage at different locations almost exclusively with Menard's materials, including fasteners.

But my loyalty wasn't reciprocated since the sale ended 6 hours before my decision to buy. Yes, I should have been aware of the timing; but I wasn't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rockwell Tools Rk7241s Table Saw.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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What a *** reason to give Menards a bad review! The sale was over.


Would it be a sale if you could walk in any day and get that price? The reason stores run a sale is to motivate customers to buy.

A sale is for a limited time to get customers in to buy NOW, not whenever it's convenient for them to get in and buy. Next time you see a sale price at any store and you are interested in the item make up your mind and buy it before the sale ends if you want the sale price.


You missed a sale date and it's menard's fault? If you shop there all the time you know their sales end Saturday and the new ones start Sunday. I bet life is pretty hard for you.


Please use complete sentences.