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Went to Menards in Eden Prairie Mn to buy grandsons toys for christmas, a little tool box and a race car track with 2 race cars. Niether item was in stock even though the sale just started on Sunday 11/20/2011 and today is only Tues.

11/22/2011.Menards pulls this *** all the time,I've been shopping there since they opened thier first store in Eden Prairie way back ,but no more.

You people really only pretend to give a *** abuot the customer,well ***! My turn to advertise to family and friends about Menards ads.

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Hey dumba$$ I bet if Toys R Us was selling your pretty pink framing nailer at 50% off with matching purse and was out of stock when you got there, you would be pretty pissed off now wouldn't you?


Did you ask for a rain check? Probably not, cause you're a dumb sack of horse sh it.

Go f uck yourself you lousy as s hole.

Why don't you nit your grandsons a sweater so they can throw that sh it in the garbage like regular grand children. Nope, you'd rather come on here and look like an as s hole.


Hahhha all of these comments are so true. Find something else to whine about or whine to someone who cares .


Justarudedudenotinthemood you made my day. thank you very much lol.

i work at menards and you are the same type of *** that ruins my day.

You know the one that knows he's building a new garage for 6 months but waits until the day before he builds to buy all of his screws and then is mad when they are out.. Menards can't control it if someone comes in and wants to buy 15 race car tracks... Also menards can't go through all the items to check to see how many each store has. first off, it would take forever and second off we might get a sale flyer with 20 products on it after its all said and done.

Menards also cannot control the manufacturer if menards DC gets 300 of a product that means each store gets one of the product.

as you can see for each store to get enough to keep you dumb *** happy they would have to get roughly 3,000. depending on the item that could be ridiculous.


You waited 3 days before going to look. And you could have called first. your fault, not theirs.


Menards is a lumberyard.

Try Toys R'us for toys.

I was all upset when Toys R'us didnt have my framing nailer in stock and the 2x4's were only stud grade.

So I beat up that giraffe in a rage. I will never shop Toys R'us for lumber again.

Dude, you are a boneheaded whine bag of a...Well I wont say it. Santa might not bring me my hotwheels track from Menards.


Oh my god, it the end of the world other people got the plastic *** you wanted before you. All beause you couldn't get off your *** to get their on sunday. poor you.


Ummm, you have heard that the world economy is going down the toilet and soon most of the people on the planet will be in dire straights? Kinda makes an out-of-stock toy at Menards seem trivial, doesn't it?


Stores run out of items all the time. It is called a sale for a reason. What, Stores aren't allowed to run out of stock?