Columbia, Maryland
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Called said i bought a door was told it was a 32 in door after going

To install was a 28 in bring back we will give you a in store credit ok drove ,40 miles one way took door in then it started return person said your recit looks fake what card did you buy it on gave her card she

Puts in computer prints new recit door isnt on she has old recit but its ripped 30 min she waits on other people then tells me it was a bargan door no instore credit no return

Take door put back in truck go back in store find manager they dont care no exchange no credit very poor coustmer service i had bought 1200 .oo of meterails they dont care i said i will never buy a thing again there scam of 11 percent off isnt all the time make sure you check before you buy it gets worse my friends hot water tank bad she met me there so i could hall it guess what after they looked for 30 min they could not find it but they have the one for. 165.00 more so after another hour I finally got the hot water tanks in the back of the truck for my friend so do not waste your time going to Menards continue to go to Lowe's and Home Depot

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I do like when people use the line is spend x amount of money here. Well you might have spent 1200.00 there but there are people that average that amount a week. Losing a average Joe doesn't hurt business.


Fix your grammar. I couldn't understand that last paragraph. Also, I would measure the door to be sure if I was driving 40 miles one way.


So let's break this down for someone of your intelligence level and limted grasp of the English language: you purchased a bargain item, which are always sold "as-is," so you get no return and certainly no credit. Also, you can take your "I spend xxx amount of dollars here" *** and walk your baby nuts off around the corner. That doesn't work ANYWHERE EVER, and FYI, Menards/Lowes/Home Depot/any actual lumber yard doesn't give two *** about *** like you, because they make 20x the amount of money off of a single contractor project easily and aren't likely to cater to *** trying have their way over bargain items anytime soon.


Where exactly is there a Menards in Maryland?