Indianapolis, Indiana

I purchased two different sizes of plumbing supply line and valves for a customers install from the Southport Menards in Indianapolis. I had to give my customer the receipt for the Menard rebate.

When I tried to return what I didn't need explaining that and giving them the copy I mad with the invoice, they sharped to toned employee told me I could not get a refund with out the receipt and could only get a store credit anyway, No cash back, Asked for a manager, they said to call on Monday. This is only my second and last trip to this store, Lowes and Home Depot both have honored The Menard "sale" price, neither have ever given us a problem with returns or replacements.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Think about gave your customer the receipt for the rebate. So your customer is receiving money back, and you expect to be able to return it?

If they were willing to give you anything back, your lucky. Take the credit!


A recipet is required for cash returns because people like to steal items then try and return them for CASH........ It is this way at all major retail stores, even Lowes and Home Depot. Home Depot even requires your ID for returns :).


Did you use cash? You can reprint receipts from purchases made on credit cards or checks for 2.5 years. You could have printed the original and had no problems


They don't hide their return policy. It is clearly posted.

Read it and you will find the original receipt is required for cash refunds. As far as giving your customer a receipt for the rebate, all they needed was the rebate receipt at the bottom of your receipt.