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I cancelled a special order that was behind schedule and then behind schedule again. When I order the door I banked at a bank that I paid for the door with that bank closed the branch that I was banking at December 15th so I had to go to a new bank so I went to Menards to get my refund from the door and have it just placed on my new debit card they tried to tell me that the only way they could do it was either give me in-store credit for $740 or put it on my old debit card that there was no active account.

I tried to explain to him that you cannot do that. And they told me that that is not their fault that the account got closed that it was on me. I told them that I did not pay with in-store credit so I'm not taking the money back on in store credit when I pay for the door back in November. Still today I have not heard back from Menards.

All I can say is wow. When it comes down to is when you pay money to Menards and you cancel something and you want your money back they don't want to give it back to you they want you to still spend that money at their store

User's recommendation: My personal opinion don't stop at Menards.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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Clearly you have never worked retail. Things don't work like that.

They can't give you back money to a account that you didn't even use in the first place . Thats something that they can't override.

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