Columbus, Ohio

I have a son who has been working 12 plus hours a day for about a month now trying to get the new store set up on Morse Rd. Well they cannot seem to pay their people as promised.

People have bills to pay and I know this company could care less but when it comes to people possibly facing their credit being messed up because they are not getting paid is crazy. When you have people working hard as heck for your company you should show some appreciation for them by PAYING them all their money, not some employees but all your employees. My son just moved out on his own and has a car with insurance to pay as well as rent.

I am very pissed with this company already and they have not yet even opened. I will stick to LOWES and will tell any and everybody to stay clear from Menards, because if they show no respect for their employees they sure as *** will not give two cents for their customers.

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I live in Wisconsin and we have a lot of Menards stores here. I have NEVER heard of them not paying.

Sounds to me like your son didn't listen.

Besides, I told mine not to quit his old job until he knew he liked this one and not move out until he was sure about what he was doing, and how he was getting paid. Think before you act!


That Company sucks so much, I was hired as an MT and am not a traditional student

I have been in the work force sine I was 15, and was excited when I got my HR degree

And what I thought was a good job. I was lied to from the start, no training for managers, and my focus was HR not retail management.

They leave the training up to the MT on his/her own free time. Company is unorganized, and full of people that think they are better then you because they have been at menards for years.


Tell your son to assert himself and ask questions so he understands the pay process. It can be embarrassing for a kid to have a parent fight their battles for them.

Im sure he got paid. Ive never heard of anything like this before.


I am currently employed with Menards, worked thru the setup as well, 12 hour days 6 Monday - Saturday, and was paid for every minute and on time.


Just a side note to this....Why would you not support the company your son works for? Apparently you don't want him to have a place to work.......just sayin'


Obviously your son didn't listen, or didn't explain everything to you. You get paid on a weekly basis, and the first check is on the 3rd Friday after the first day worked.

This allows payroll to be processed properly and checks "to be cut" (not really cut as most are direct deposit or to a pay card).

This is no different than any other company that pays bi-weekly, the check is always for what you worked 2 weeks prior. This is covered in every orientation.


wow its kinda weird i been working for menards for 6 years now and i always get my pay check, the only way i dont get a pay check is if i prd to much!