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Why do some stores make such a fuss over "No Receipt Returns"!? As long as a customer returns the item in the original package and the item is in perfect/unused condition...

the store gets their item back to resell and the customer gets a in-store-credit to buy something else IN THE SAME STORE. Plus lets not forget, nearly ALL stores heavily discount their customer's no-receipt-returns to reflect recent sales, discounts, rebates and/or restocking fees! Stores are not losing out.

If a store is losing out... they clearly need to re-structure their re-stock fees and not crab or make things more difficult for customers who have lost their receipts!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You're kidding right? You do realize that most items are sold at more than one store?

So I can buy something at Menards and then return it to Walmart and they should be okay with that?

This question is just insane - I'm sincerely hoping you just didn't think it through before posting and that you aren't actually this dumb.


Thieves. That's why. So stop doing it!


There are several reasons stores make a fuss over no receipt returns. The biggest is that shoplifters will never have a receipt.

They don't want to be giving thieves cash or credit if they can avoid it. Another reason is without a receipt there is no way of knowing what you paid for a product. For that reason many stores only offer credit for the lowest sale price an item was sold for. In the case of items that had sold as a buy one get one free you may not get any credit if you only return one item.

If they gave you full credit the scammers of the world would be busy buying items when there is a big sale and returning them for full credit when the sale ends. It's easy to avoid the hassle, just bring your receipt with you when you make a return.