Midland, Michigan

Purchased a Bladder water tank about 3 years ago at Menards. The tank failed a couple of weeks ago.

Of course I didn't have my reciept from 3 years and the tank had a 5 year warranty.

With the age of computers and electronic storage there was no way for them to verify, I purchased this tank from them and I still had the box it came in. There wasn't anything I could do and basically I was told there wasn't anythingn they could do to verify my purchase, so save your receipts for ever on the long warranty items.

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if you paid for it on a debit/credit card or check you could look up your purcase at the kiosk by the service desk


Receipts are like gold, people! And always be nice to your cashier ;)


Like Frank said, how is Menards to have any way of knowing when it was purchased. First off the warranty is from the Manufacturer, not Menards.

Secondly, you could have had it for 15 years, not 5 for all that Menards knows.

Its not like Menards carries CSI guys who can do chemical tests to see how old the thing is. If you buy an expensive product with a long term warranty on it, common sense should tell you to KEEP THE RECEIPT.


It doesn't matter what the stated warranty is, because the product will be covered no longer than you can hold on to your receipt. If the warranty is an important enough factor in the purchase decision that the guy can remember 3 years later that it has a 5 year warranty, you'd think he would think to himself, "Gee, I'd better hold on to my receipt for 5 years so I can get this fixed under warranty if it fails."

People like this do nothing but give all the folks with legitimate complaints a bad name.


gee yeah because its the employees fault. u retard!

its the company that made it and anyways a lot of stores don't even honor anything without a receipt.

so maybe people should think twice to treat the employees like *** when there not happy with something they bought and it doesn't work. maybe that's why the people and Menard are so unhappy at the service desk because of douches like you coming in there and calling them names for SOMETHING THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE CONTROL OVER!!!!!!!!


If you saved the box that long why didn't you save the reciept ?



I love you people. Talk to the company that made the product that failed. We don't say this will last 5 years, the company that makes them does.


5 year warranties are typically run through the manufacturer, not the store who sells the item to you.


I often wonder if people save the sales information when they purchase a car or do they throw that away also? It is just plain common sense that if you have a high dollar item with a warranty, to save your purchasing information.

It is simple on something like this to take a plastic bag and a piece of tape and secure it to the product. People never cease to amaze me.


try to find the serial# on the tank & contact the manufacturer direct.