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yes i did a major purchase at menards for roofing materials and the gentleman at the contractors desk told me that at the end of the year we would receive a rebate check for in store credit but i have yet to receive this and i did not use a credit card i paid with a check and he said it didnt matter we would still receive a rebate check so where is it because i am remodeling a house and i am buying everything at menards again for this project also the rebate check would go back to menards any way

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I received the quarterly rebate (of $1.20) for the fourth quarter of 2016. I have reported this to the store manager--he replied "this is incorrect" I will find out how to change this--NOTHING!

I sent checks to Menard's -- 10-24-16 for $223.99, 11-19-16 for $12,812.74 and

12-26-16 for $6,694.82 total $19,731.55!

I don't think the $1.20 is right for this amount spent! PLEASE HELP!

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States #790471

I'm still waiting for my 2013 contractor rebate as well. Spent over 30,000 last year!


We are contractors and purchased thousands of dollars of producds from your store during the 11 percent discount savings, and we never received our rebate. What a crock!!

And the we are not responsible attitude does not cut it. Put the checks in an envelope so the public can't see it, we are very angry with Menards, Home Depot is looking better everyday!!!!!

to Kathleen Winona, Minnesota, United States #616230

They can look up your and tell you where it went. I did and they gave me a replacement. bb


Checked my rebate and it shows that a check was issued 8/22/2011 and I haven't received it yet, contacted them by email and waiting for their answer ....


Checked my rebate and it shows that a check was issued 8/22/2011 and I haven't received it yet, contacted them by email and waiting for their answer ....


Where is my rebate? I bought 8 rolls of Ice and water roofing materials was suppose to get $8 a roll rebate...Nothing!

I tried the web to check on rebate and it stated no info..Menards ripping me will only get the one chance I will now start going to Home Depot or Lowes for all my materials and supplies for my home and farm. Yes I did have it in in time I mailed it May 2011 and it was good until 6 1 2011



CHECK #7427 +9333 AMOUNT $24


where is our 2% rebate check for purchases in 2010??? When we got our last bill, it stated the checks would be mailed in a couple of days. That was over 2 weeks ago and still haven't received it.


:eek :) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x

Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia #15339

You also need to actually be a contractor to receive most of the benefits. Typically this is done by providing a Tax ID Number.

Another possibility is that the sales clerk told you of the 2% rebate that comes with the Menards BIG Card or Contractor Credit Card. This is independant of the Contractors Advantage Program that would give contractors a 1% rebate on all purchases made using a non-menards logo, registered form of tender (up to 14 forms of tender can be registered). There are multiple ways to earn a rebate by shopping at Menards, but they all require filling out some form of paperwork prior to actually making your purchases. I have seen it happen where the paperwork gets filled out properly, and then the contractor will change banking institutions and not update their tenders, thus not earning towards their year-end rebate.The information you gave in your post isn't quite enough to solve your issue, but I think I can help you moving forward.

IF you actually are a contractor, not a homeowner, than go back into your local Menards and ask to speak to a member of the contractor sales team, tell them whats going on and they will set you up to earn your maximum rebate- it's in their best interest to keep you buying at their store. If you are a homeowner, not a contractor with a TIN #, than you can still earn a year end rebate by using your Menards BIG Card.

Billings, Montana, United States #4700

Burton, you also have to spend at least $6000 for the year.

Waseca, Minnesota, United States #4029

I would suggest going to the General Manager at the store you purchased the materials from. Take a check with you so he/she can see if the entries under your name are accurate.

Menards team members log your account and routing numbers from your checking account into the computer allowing for the form of tender to be tracked. This is the system that, in turn, calculates the reabates.

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