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I have a 224.00 rebate coming an spent 3500.00 total for roof supplies an have sent email an no response, I will not shop with menards again they just pass the buck instead of resolving the issue! False advertisement to get ya in the store! Service on rebate questions an store help sucks!

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The store has nothing to do with the rebates. Have you tried contacting the e-mail address on the rebate form or checking the status of your rebate on Menards.com.? You should also be aware that if the items you bought during the rebate then went on sale at a lower price and you went in for a price adjustment your rebate will be voided.

to Anonymous #1377126

Yeah, we all know Menards "never" does anything wrong.... (sarcasm)

to Anonymous #1377436

$hit happens. Menards is all about rebates.

When you look at the hundreds of thousands of rebates being sent in never week there are bound to be some errors. Someone forgot a stamp, forgot to put part a receipt in the envelope, the post office couldn't read their writing, a machine at the post office chewed the envelope up, the rebate center lost it, the people at the rebate center couldn't read the writing on the form, someone threw the rebate postcard away thinking it was junk mail and the list can go on and on. If you didn't get your rebate follow up with the people that handle the rebate, not the store. If they refer you to the people that handle the rebates, they aren't passing the buck, they are just trying to get you to someone that can actually help you.

Complaining here won't get you your rebate either. I guess it's just easier to %itch than doing what may actually help you get your rebate.

to Anonymous #1379685

You are right $hit happens at Menards all the time. Why? Because Menards is a piece of $hit, PERIOD!

to Anonymous #1379944

Very convenient and profitable for Menards after they have customers’ money, it’s always an error or problem that is at the expense of the customer, ever notice that? It should NEVER be made so difficult for a customer to take advantage of a businesses offer, if it is some organization they are hiring to do rebates, they should replace them.

It’s Menards trying to look good on the cheap by being deceptive. They may give a small rebate out here and there for appearances sake but they care less about being transparent and honorable.

It’ll be a kick in the teeth to them in the long run, they are already becoming an ongoing joke that will cost them even more than the actual rebates they should work hard to honor in the end. Just don’t offer a rebate, that would be more honest!

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