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Manards should not be using rebates international for there clearing. They didn't send my biggest one and we're plain just nasty when I the just drooped any response?

Suspect some employes are scumming them and they won't admit it. I'll make manards corporate aware of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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What exactly was their response? All too many people don't realize that there are things they do that can void their rebate.

One is to going in for a price adjustment when the product you bought on rebate goes on sale for less than what you paid for it on rebate. You don't get the sale price and the rebate.

Another is to place a large order like a kitchen or a house full of windows when they are on rebate and then going in a few days later after the rebate has ended and changing the order. Your first purchase during the rebate gets refunded (voiding the rebate) and applied to the new order, but the rebate is no longer being offered.


“Rebates International” is Menards there website and name is meant to mislead you! Sue Molder runs it and she reports to Scott Colette the COO of “bob and weave” as he calls himself and he reports to John Menards.

Master of no accountability and defectors of blame.... what the post office lost you rebate again ???

Not thier problem! That thier can take that to the bank.