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Here is the thing. They have a computer right there at the check out, they have proof of you buying it right?

You are right there with the item ready to pay for it right? There is NO reason they should not be required to give you your rebate right there on the spot. The ONLY reason they do this is because of percentages of people that will just forget to send it in, or not hassle with the process. It is a scam.

There is no reason to make a customer jump through that many hoops and mail all that ***. Just give them their 11% right there at the register.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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I am sure you'd be duly satisfied knowing it would STILL be in store credit either way...


Good grief! Perhaps they shouldn't give you any rebate at all. All part of the "give me now, all about me" culture.


wow, is this a real post? and we wonder what is wrong with our country, give me give me give me.


They aren't "required" to give you a rebate at all. If you don't like their system, just don't use the rebates.


The reason they mail the rebates is to get you back in the store at a future date to spend more money. If they gave you the rebate right away you could purchase cabinets, go back in the store, order countertops and use the rebate you got on the cabinets toward the countertops.

By selling you the cabinets and countertops and mailing the rebate later you have a bigger rebate to bring in and spend on other products. If you don't like the way they handle their rebates you are under no obligation to participate in the rebate program.