Englewood, Colorado
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It would be nice to go online and look for products I need. With Menards you can't do that.

With Home Depot, one can find everything they are looking for, on line.

If menards wants me as a customer, they have to change their online web site to include their products and a "how to contact." To show only what they want to show, is not what we as consumers need. Example: Was looking for Black garage door bottom. But what do I get? Garages and NOTHING more.

Would be nice to have a section on web site to put in what we are looking for. Like description or search for.

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Ummmmm, I don't know if your blind or not. But menards.com does have an online store.

Plus you can look up special orders. The Guest Services button is at the buttom of the site.

Just click that and it'll take you to a page to email or call. Its all right there if you open your eyes and look around you'll see it!


Check teh internet again ***!!


I have exactly the same problem and am going to the Home Depot site now!