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I have come shopping here three times in recent couple weeks. I am disabled and need a motorized cart.

You have one for the whole store and it has been in use each time I have come. You need more motorized carts for your stores. Even Home Depots and Lowes have several per store. I am currently sitting and waiting in your store as we speak.

If this doesnt get fixed, it looks like I will be shopping at the other two home improvement stores I mentioned in the future. What a shame since I like this stores organization

User's recommendation: Low to disabled people.

Preferred solution: More motor carts.

Menards Pros: I like shopping at menards.

Menards Cons: I did not like, No motorized carts.

Location: 12701 Middlebelt Road, Livonia, MI 48150

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Uhhh you can contact your insurance and obtain one for a disability!!


Should I have my insurance company donate me a van to transport my own personal motorized cart that I only need when shopping at stores the size of texas??? Maybe my insurance should also a body builder man to lift the motorized cart in and out of the van since store staffing has a reputation of being extremely unmotivated when it comes to customer service?? Why should John Menards be expected to spend money to help the very people who purchase merchandise from his business???


No One Cares....If the other chains have more scooters and you need them, shop there. Of course, you'll have to spend more to do that. .


Menards no longer has the lowest prices. They have discontinued having sales flyers for year and half now and running the "11% rebate" instead.

Their ads now feature random items at retail price minus 11 %, no more genuine sale prices.

Guess what home depot and lowes run programs where the customer submit rebates and mail a gift card for 11% of the purchase. There are stores that have better customer service, better quality and better trained employees than menards.


Have you checked Menards prices against the competition lately? 8' 2x4 at Menards $12.09, across the street at Home Depot $7.98.

1/2" cdx plywood $76.99 at Menards and $57.05 at Home Depot. 6 panel steel door was $240 at Menards and $198 at Home Depot. Even with the 11% rebate Menards doesn't come close to the competition.

Menards employees say they aren't matching prices anymore. Menards will be the stop of last resort for me in the future.


Then don’t shop there loser! No one cares!!

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