Over the past weekend I was at the local menard's store trying to get idea on pricing for upcoming projects we were anticipating working on. The vast majority of the merchandise I needed such as drywall, common lumber, insulation and plywood has been relocated from within the store to the outside yard since the local stores remodeled.

As I'm walking through the yard building I notice all the pricing has been removed from literally everything within the yard building itself, along the fence wall, and pallets placed within the yard. Absolutely no lumber, no insulation, no drywall, no plywood / osb, no roofing shingles, no fence panels, not even the patio pavers had price tags. The yard is very understaffed with their self service / no service policy, however am able to stop someone driving at nascar speed on a forklift. I ask him why none of the merchandise has prices.

He looks irritated and asks me what specifically I need the price for, I tell him I have several upcoming projects and trying to get a rough idea of cost of materials. He tells me due to excessive changing of prices menards has decided to discontinue pricing in the yard and have customers manually look up prices on their phones. I am completely caught off guard and tell him last time I was here I had to load 20 bags of mulch into my truck while 3 of your employees leaned against the wall watching me, talking to each other, using their vapor machines and spitting on the ground, and now you now expect me as the customer to find prices myself too???? I pull out my phone which apparently has poor signal in their yard, and he tells me I need to type in the skew number of the item I'm looking at for each item.

I told him expect me to stand here typing on my phone all day long just to get the prices????? He ignores me and proceeds to walk away, I suggest maybe I should bring along my 12 year old granddaughter next time since she loves typing on her phone for hours. I go back in the store and talk with a manager who I have worked with on previous projects, and he too repeats Menards corporate has discontinued pricing in the yard to cut back on labor costs and increasing pricing. I tell him not having pricing for the items the customers are looking at is a handicap to the customer looking to spend money at your store and I as the customer am not going to play games looking up prices.

I went to the home depot across the street, and they had better quality lumber, much better organized, prices properly displayed, and knowledgeable staffing. The salesman told me he's been seeing a lot more traffic from contractors since menards has been cutting corners on basic customer service. He even told me about a website where home depot will mail you a gift card for 11% off your purchase to price match menards.

I told him at my age I'm not very good at computers or phones and suggested I have a grandchild or neighbor help me out. I went ahead with $1200 purchase at home depot and with the help of the kids next door already filed the online rebate, as well as they suggested I post on here to notify the public of my concern.

Bottom line is the best way a consumer can vote is with their wallet, sure $1200 loss might be a drop in the bucket to John Menards, but treat customers poorly over and over, and he's going to find himself following in the foot steps of toys r us, bon ton, shopko, sears, k mart, blockbuster, office max, lord &;;;; taylor, or pier 1, all of which have gone under recently due to poor customer service.


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Menards prices are so high they are embarrassed to show them. 2x4x8 studs were $12.09 at Menards and $7.98 at Home Depot.

7/16 OSB was $64.99 at Menards and $44.45 at Home Depot. Rather than complaining you should be thanking Menards for driving you to the competition and lower prices.


Good! You solved your own problem!


irritate the customer enough to encourage them to go across the street to a direct competitor........................... Apparently thats how menard's staffing solves issues now.

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