La Crosse, Wisconsin

I was appalled when your store in La Crosse, Wis. refused to honor my

military service of my country by not giving a military discount. Clerk

stated that you have discontinued that privilage as you already offer the

cheapest prices. Guess what Mr. Menard I will now shop exclusively at your

competetors that do offer a discount in appretation of those of us who have served and those who continue in the service of their country. Further more a few days prior to the above incident I was given a military

discount. Why the differances? Total lack of communication okay.

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This is why alot of people think us Servicemembers think that we are entiled to everything. Man the *** up, not everywhere is going to have a military discount and when you refuse not to do business because they don't offer one, you make us look like *** and when you *** about it you make us all look like POS.



Menards offers a low price for all of its customers regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation and PROFESSION. Tel me...isn't that wonderful after all???


In response to "you ungrateful people"

Just because you chose to join the military does not mean you should get a discount over everyone else. There are others who risk their lives everyday as well and they aren't complaining about how unfair it is that they cant get a discount.

Also when you say "get out of my country, it's more my country than yours" Who are you referring to with that statement? Menards?

There are a lot of ppl that don't get any appreciation for what they do so you should feel grateful that Menards even gave it out.


I am a disabled vet (10%). I received discounts for years from Menard's, and I thank them for it.

They do offer better prices than their competitors, and their sales people here are MUCH MORE competent than other stores. I'll stick with Menard's


First of all, I am glad and honored that you were in the military. Second, Menards does not discriminate.

They do not five discounts to race, age, disabilities, firefighters, doctors, and such.

Who are you to say that you are more important than others. Yes you served this country, but don't others in different ways?


John Menard literally paid more taxes than any single american last year. He paid your salary.

You're welcome.

I have a feeling the guy who posted this is 89 years old.


Some businesses take away discounts beacause they have been abused. I work at a store and recieve a 10% employee discount.

Some employees let other people use their card. Maybe some military people were using the discount to buy things at Menards for other people.


The thing with the military discount - Menards claims to be 'pro-american' and bragged for years about how they honor the military by giving them the military dicount. Then they take it away.

It's not a matter of deserving or not deserving, or because it's a choice to serve, it should *** people off because taking it away says that Menards is NOT what they claim to be. And the fact they were sneaky about taking it away.


I was in the military. It is companies like Menards that pay taxes which paid my pay check. Since I didn't produce anything in the military I would just like to say "Thank You" to Menards and every other business that worked hard to keep me fed.


YOUR military discount? I'd like to know where you came up with the idea that you earned a discount for serving in the military?

I do not believe that the government requires stores to give a discount to people who have or are serving in the military. Wake up and quit dreaming and shop just like the rest of us.


They just stopped offering the Military discount because I believe it can be considered a form of discrimination... I work there, so I know.

We had to do a read and sign, and it talked about us not discriminating... thus it's my assumption that they consider it discrimination.


These people don't know their enemy is the Germans. They think the enemy is their own United States Army!


Are you kidding me?! I have respect for those in the military but it was a career you CHOOSE. I am a humanitarian, should I get a discount everywhere I go?


I was in the military for 4 years and still shop at Menards. They don't owe me anything for my service. Grow up pal.


Yeah, because every person I KNOW in the military joined just to they could get discounts when they got back home. Shut up, dude.