Wautoma, Wisconsin
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I went into the Rhinelander Menards to purchase a dishwasher, and better than a half hour with a seemingly helpful salesman I purchased a top of the line Frigidaire model discounted to $650, a $85 warranty, and plumbing hardware. When picking up behind the store it had to be unwrapped from plastic wrap, and cardboard to fit in the my van.

When I stopped before leaving the gate to retrieve paper work I noticed a very large, and unsightly dent in the door that wasn't present in the store. When returning it to the warehouse before leaving the gate I was asked whether I had bent it with the hatch of my van to even a manager that claimed I'd been informed of the dent(huge).

I was refunded fully by customer service, while the general store manager basically insisted I was liar. Call it what you want, bait and switch, kids damaging it between the store, and the pickup, and, or a retail establishment basically lacking in integrity.

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Thats not a bait and switch, your trying to say they gave you a dented model instead of the model on the floor... Did you check and see if the other one was still on the floor?

doesn't sound like it? And why did you unwrap it before leaving the gate, this sounds like they had reason to be suspicious


First of all, this isn't a bait and switch. Stop tossing around buzzwords when you obviously don't know what they mean because it just makes you look dumb.

Secondly, the store more than likely wasnt aware of the damage.

Believe it or not, most of those workers are decent people and aren't out to get you.

Finally, the story ad chronological events don't make sense. So you unwrapped it, loaded it, then as you were leaving you noticed it?

If this dent was huge, as you claim it is, wouldn't you have noticed it right away? Seems odd to me.

General Manager

I caught it seconds after it was loaded right by the loading dock. BAIT & SWITCH, and no integrity!

I'm sure many other customers of that store haven't been as lucky.

They wrapped it, and not at my request. Quite the scam!

General Manager

It was a display model I bought off the foor, and I did notice it wasn't in the same shape, THE LARGE DENT, as when purchased in the store. The sales man assured me the high end model was only discounted, because it was a discontinued model.

I discovered it 50ft. from where the young man helped me loaded, well before the gate, and before they could screw mw with damaged merchandise. This Rhinlander Menards scam was obviously endorsed by the stores general manager, and I was just lucky not to be a bigger vic, than just haveing a lot of time wasted.

??? you sound jost like that criminal!


My van door did not damage the machine, nor was it capable of it. The youth that helped me lift it into the van hid the damage very well, and only by the chance of leaving the paper work in the back did I discover it.

It was a discontinued model off the floor that they wrapped with cardboard so high on the corners it wouldn't fit.

If I would have made it through their gate, and drove 50 miles home before discovering it, they would of blamed me. Not only did I inspect this item in the store, I was assured it's only issue was it had been replaced by a newer model.


It seems odd that they had to take it out of the package to fit in your van while you were picking it up and you didn't notice the large dent while this was happening. The odds that your van door damaged it sounds very likely if it was such a tight fit you couldn't get it in without removing the box.

Your bait and switch line makes it sound like they loaded a perfect machine and magically got a dented one in your van by the time you got to the gate. Sounds like you may be the one lacking integrity.