Madison, Wisconsin

I bought glassblock windows for my basement. I paid over $300. Special order. I got the windows. I asked for instructions to install. Say they do not have instructions.

I can not get anyone to give me instructions to install them.

Employees do not know, just want to sell product, or stock the shelves. Too busy, unformed. Pass the buck. I don't know. OK!

They tell me to contact supplier. Supplier is Tafco Corp. I try to contact customer service, no reply.

Supplier will not reply. I contact customer service, no reply.

Who do I contact?

Bad customer service.

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Well... bad is a relative term.


I can't believe that you bought something and didn't know how to install or use it!!!

How is this the stores fault?

Maybe you should write to Ask this Old House and have Tommy come by and do it for you :grin


Can you believe that Tafco Corp has a tab on there home page on installing glass block windows? :p


You an always hire someone if you can't figure it out....but like the others said, look it up.


Are you kidding me do you not have enough common sense to figure out what to do??? if your the one installing it figure it out contact the anybody that can give you the instructions.. Maybe the people at the store that manufacturing them can come over and do it for you cause thats what were here for


Look it up on line and stop whining!


Obviously you have access to the internet. Look it up online.

I bet it would have taken you less time to look it up than to write this complaint.

Also, were did you learn to type in such sentence fragments? Just wondering...