Muncie, Indiana

I picked up a load of Belgian block for a retaining wall,I thought that they knew what they were doing,when I drove out of the parking lot the stack of block fell over and a few of them fell onto the road,denting and scratching my truck.I went back in the store and spoke with a manager who said that I was the one resonsible fot tieing the stacks down,since this my first time hauling this kind of a load,I thought that they would advise me,other wise it was my fault,so no sale.

Monetary Loss: $174.

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Where has common sense gone...


Yep, if you're not intelligent enough to haul the load, then I'd advise you to get their professional delivery.


Why wouldn't you strap down your load? Lets blame the big business for all of YOUR problems... grow up dude.


menards employees will place an item for you in your vehicle but not on top or tie it down just in case something are responsible for how you tie the items down


Menard's is correct. Any normal person would check to see that the load is loaded securely and then make sure it won't come down at the first bump or turn.

If you relied on them, it IS your fault. You snooze, you lose.