Chicago, Illinois
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I went to menards for a great sale on patio bricks.. A beautiful color and style costing $2.88 each.

Now i'm paying alot for back problems... I bought 24 patio bricks that are 42lbs. each. I waited for help to load the items into my truck, and waited, and waited...

After 25 long minutes, I finally loaded it all myself.... Now I know that was a wrong thing to do. I only weigh 115lbs.. Now I have back problems...The doctor visits and muscel relaxers are starting to get costly...

What lazy *** menards hired... (I went to the Menards in Crestwood in Illinois)

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How novel. A do it yourselfer who won't do it herself.


My question is, DID you even ask for the help in the first place? I am sorry, but people don't just walk around and assume people need help, no matter how sexy (and dumb) you are.


From the sounds of things, you don't know what a milf is.


First of all I want the Bricks to remain a great buy, so I am willing to load it myself to save money. Second, how were you going to UNLOAD them at home- Is that Menards responsibility as well?

If someone else was doing the job, have them pick up the bricks.

Just because you are a GIRL who thinks she is sexy does not entitle you to have everyone else do their bidding for them! SUCK IT UP!


LOL, another lazy menards customer that sits at home and watchs Muary all day long and ask you questions about bird seed!!. You have to hold there hand for every single *** question they ask you, 3/4's of them don't speak a word of English on the south side of Chicago, and don't belive it arm pit Deodorant!!!


First of all *** home depot, they never know what they are doing, second you are a lazy ***. all you had to do was ask any team member walking by or in the store and they would have either helped you themselves or personally got someone for you.

*** winer.

ps, how *** old are to have back problems from 24 bricks. sexy milf my ***


I used to work at the home depot and they have associates that load cars, that is their sole job duty to load cars for customers. when shopping at menards you dont get that.

i've actually had an associate watch me as i load my truck. not impressed at all.

as if it's too much trouble for him to help a person out. and as far as the managers comment about having to unload them when she got home yea maybe she would have had to unload them then but why wouldnt someone like a man help her load her car while she was in their store???


42lb patio bricks? What kind of bricks are those?

Made out of lead?

Boo hoo, you sound lazy. And not sexy at all.


Yes,well most people should be able to load their own small pick ups as such. if your gonna do the work,you should be able to load. most the time i found someone always shows up to see if you need help.


One more thing, if loading your own merchandise is so terrible, then who the *** is gonna unload it when you get it home? Clearly, "sexy milfs" like yourself should not have to be involved with any of this lifting business.


The guard at the entrance of the yard calls back each guest that arrives for help. That being said if 5 other guests pulled in before you then you would get assisted in that order, and possibly waiting a while.

Menards is the only home improvement chain in the nation that has a true drive through lumber yard where you can pull up to the merchandise. If you were at Depot or Lowes not only would you have paid more and had no service you would have loaded it twice.

Sorry for the hassle. By the way you might want to change your screen name, I'm not sure how much credibility you will gather calling yourself "sexy milf".


They just may have been busy helping another guest. At this point, every home improvement store in the nation is understaffed.

We do not own these places, we just work for the man like most everyone else. If we could fix these problems, we would, obviously. Every last one of you bastards that *** about bad service of any kind at any store you frequent clearly has not ever worked in this environment. Cuz if you did, you would not post this ***.

I promise you, just work at a Menards for a week and you would be very surprised to find that you cannot make every customer that comes in the place happy. It is truly impossible.

For every one of you that *** about something, there are ten more who have nothing but praise every time they visit. Get a life.


it is so hard to ask someone for help or walk inside to get someone! :cry


and in that 25 minutes, you could have easily walked inside, asked someone to help you, and had your problem solved. it's not that hard, really.