Galesburg, Illinois
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Had purchased a small air purifier for use in the bedroom. I needed a filter.

Could not find it on my own. Went to the service desk. Young man didn't know, so he went to a woman on the floor. NO ONE IN SIGHT WHERE I WAS LOOKING.

Female clerk said "they are back in plumbing ABOUT six aisles down to the right. Didn't offer to walk with me or guide me to the correct place.

We are planning a BIG remodel in our bathroom and kitchen. I will make sure that our contractor buys NOTHING at Menards.

If they can't be bothered to help me with a simple purchase, I can't be bothered to spend my money there.

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We shop at Menards because it is convenient, although I do not like "big box stores" with everything from literally soup to nuts in it. I sure miss the hometown lumber yards and hardware stores where one had "knowledgable, caring, friendly, available clerks and owners" to actually work with the customers.

Unfortunately, the younger generation has no idea what retail used to be all about!!

Really sad the BIG BOX stores ran all of the smaller businesses out of business so now that is what you all have to deal with. Just more of the less is human, bigger the better philosophy.


Every store is only as good as the people working there. So you had an unfortunate experience but I am willing to bet that if you came across several other associates they would have the answer to all of your questions.

Choose to not shop there and that means less people in front of me when I am checking out. Have some patience.


Seven departments in the store. Only one has "housewares" in it's name which is Plumbing and Housewares.

We have all sorts of cleaners, air fresheners, and other common cleaning supplies there. How hard is it to walk a bit till you see something similar to what you are looking for and then look closer.

Also, we have signs everywhere telling you where stuff are. If you have eyes, this store is mad easy to nav through unlike other stores that are set up more like a warehouse like our competitors.


its funny people expect 1 person in a store of about 100,000 or more products to know where and what everything is. Then when someone tells them they want them to hold their hand and walk them down to the exact spot and say you were the most important person on the planet so we made sure to drop whatever we were doing to coddle you like the 2 yr old you were acting as.


No *** Fella. There's only a 30 foot aisle full of furnace filters.

They're soooooo hard to find. If your'e an f'ing retard :roll


i'm not sure how "in plumbing, down six aisles to the right" could be confusing. did you listen to the instructions, or just start stomping around like an angry fool? it's people like you that give customers a bad name.


i dont blame you :) and menards are suck.r


really did you think before you wrote this. Now shut up and stop speaking just to be heard


If you went to the cashiers to get help there is your first problem! They CANNOT leave their registers and therefore they HAVE to point you in the right direction they CANNOT take you there! Be smart not an *** and you will receive the help you need!