Chicago, Illinois

I have purchased many many items from Menards in the past. Now I have a great deal of trouble walking but still need things from Menards.

Last time I complained that you are the ONLY store that does NOT have battery operated riding carts, you promised something would be done. I even got a personal letter. Well, all I found today were 2 wheelchairs w/baskets. Do you realized how HUGE your stores are, and to try to use a wheelchair would be quite difficult.

How cheap can you get. I have heard this complaint before about this store.

I have never encountered such blatent disregard for the physically challenged. ALL of your competitors accomodate people with walking problems.

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Maybe everyone should experience the non-ability to walk, so that then they could realize how hard it is. Remember, "There but by the grace of God go I."


Menards added motorized carts this month.


Some weeks he doin' good, other weeks, he's not doin'... he's not doin' any good.


thank you thank you thank you to the above people, i work retail and we dont have am electronic scooter. people come in all the time to *** because of it, that they cant get around. IF YOU ARE NEED A CART TO GET AROUND - GET YOUR OWN - or simply ask to have an employee push you around, its that easy


this is because its a huge liability, do u know how many big items and high priced stuff that can be destroyed by a wreckless person in a wheelchair? and if you do wreck your scooter into say a bunk of plywood and hurt yourself, its menards fault for having provided the scooter...


maybe you wouldnt have problems walking if you didnt sit on your fat *** all day and accumulate weight...its not their fault they dont have motorized chairs for you outta shape fatties


i dont recall seeing a battery operated chair or even a wheel chair at hy-vee?? is that ok? And yes there is someone at the store to help all the so called halpless people dont any of you have family members of if your that bad off they do have people payed to help people like you that make quite a bit more then the cashier that is answering every trivial questions you *** can come up with....Sometimes i wonder how some of you people get out of bed........and are all of you walking around with a tape recorder telling you to breathe in and then breathe out?????


I work at Menards. If you really need help getting around someone will help you out. I have pushed people in wheel chairs many times.


For gods sake, you already get the best parking places EVERYWHERE you go, now you want ME to pay higher prices so you can haul your fat *** around the store? Go buy your own scooter...


If you really need one of these carts, shouldn't you buy your own? This would be the same arguement if you lived on a farm and complained that the city officials should provide to you at no charge a vehicle because "they" chose to place the city so far away from your house.

If you would ask at the service desk, which is where the wheelchairs are located, Menards would provide you "at no cost" a helpful team member that would push you around the store. Try getting that at ALL of their competitors.