Indianapolis, Indiana

I am a disabled person who is in need of an electric cart. When I came into the store, there were no standard carts.

The wheel chair cart was too small, and there are no electric carts available. Therefore, I was unable to shop at your store. Store also does not have any seating such as benchs or chairs to rest on throughout the store. Spoke with manager and manager said he had requested more carts and electric carts three or four times in the last several years and has not received a response from HQ yet.

This shows that Menards does not have any respect for disabled persons has a right to shop and has needs as well. Had to shop at Lowes because they have electric carts.

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this is why I shop homedepot. the store with a big heart. they know how to respect people from all walks of life all I can say is I hope one day the shoe is on the other foot.people who post trash like that are nothing more then voimit from my mouth from the cesspools of society.


I just read what you had to say about big people. what I would like to know is how would you feel if it was your mom or dad needing some kind of help.

would you feel the same or would you just kick them to the curb to. a lot of disabled people are not heavy. people with disabilities come in many forms.

with different needs. I wonder how you would feel if the tables were turned around.


You need BENCHES through out the store to rest? How are you going to do a home improvement project if you can hardly get your fat butt around the store?

I'm sick of FAT people whining they need special accomodations that inconvenience the rest of us. Since a fatty sued Denny's because the booth seats were too close to the table to accomodate a 500 pound porker the rest of us have to sit a mile away from the table and spill food all over our laps.

Here's some tough love- LOSE WEIGHT so you can use a regular size wheelchair or can at least walk through the store without wheezing! I'M sick of all you whinny "VICTIMS"!


my question is is your "disability" being FAT? because that's what it sounds like.

shopping isn't a RIGHT, it's a privilege. (it's private property, we can kick your fat *** out when you take up the entire aisle)

get your own electric cart if you need one or just croak already.


Wow this topic was great, I agree why is it any business responsibility to buy you a cart for your care? If you need a cart you should purchase one to take with you. Then agian I wouldnt want to turn the corner on my cart not paying attention, and run head on into a moving forklift who didnt have time to stop becuase you wernt paying attention!


If you need that stuff why don't you come with a scooter, they are allowed you know, and by the sounds of it you should have one for your daily life.


You should seriously try suing Ford because the Escort is too tiny for you to comfotably get into it. They are clearly discriminating against YOU.

Heres a news flash---Menards is a big store. If you get easily winded, you might want to consider bringing a personal conveyance device with you.

You could also sue Mickey Mouse because the Magic Kingdom is too big and he built it too far from your house, Sara Lee for making her treats too yummily (is that a real word?) and Yogi Bear for not complying with ADA and putting wheelchair ramps and grab bars all over Jellystone Park. Your fat wheezy crippled (YES, I SAID CRIPPLED) *** is more than welcome at any Menards, but please don't whine about being tired just by waddling around the store to an employee who is halfway through a 14 hour shift.


they have respect for disabled people. that's why they have wheelchairs.

it's not their fault you're too wide to use it. it shouldn't be up to menards to accomodate your fat ***