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I am a long time customer who had a stroke and wanted to get materials for large project but every time I go there are not any electric carts and was told the store only has two we would like to be able to get around and not have to depend on anyone.I would like hearing from you.

I have always enjoyed Menards please make it so that am able come and buy once again.

What do I have to do so this request will get to the right people in charge!I don't know that we have to give 100 words to get our thoughts across

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Let's start with the title of your complaint "No electric carts".In your complaint you say they have 2, which they do.

If you make a false statement to start, can we believe the rest of what you say. The stores have 2 electric carts and 2 wheel chairs. Having worked at one of their busier stores I can tell you that there was at least one electric cart sitting at the front door most of the time. Sure there were times that both were in use but the wheel chairs sat un-used.

Before the electric carts came to the stores people were able to use the wheel chairs to get around.

What's wrong with them now?You have to realize that just as a store may run out of certain products from time to time, they may also have times where an electric cart isn't available.


i request that you complain to every retailer that has zero mobility carts BEFORE you complain about the ones that dont have enough

and i also request that you do an extensive study to determine the exact number needed for the stores that agree to supply them at all

is 1 enough?or 2?

or 3?there are prob times(holiday season) when 6 isnt enough


To the members who are complaining about this...

Complain to the ADA.


Menard's is in compliance with all federal and state requirements for access to people with disabilities.If you think they should provide for more than that, contact your congresspeople and get the laws changed.

Menard's exists simply to provide a place to buy items and at a low price, not to provide a shopping environment in excess of what is required by law.If you want more electric scooters, maybe find a business that provides a number of scooters that meets your requirements and pay their higher prices.


Does your drug store, grocery store, favorite clothing store etc.have scooters?

Most don't. Seems like it's just the big box stores are expected to have scooters. As you stated Menards has 2 in the store. I don't know how many you think stores should have.

Most people that really need them have their own.

O would suggest looking into buying one if you will need it permanently or renting one if you think you'll only need it for a short time.You may find insurance will cover all or part of the cost if one is really needed.

to Anonymous #1370871

Ok Anonymous you have missed a huge point in your thinking.How is someone suppose to transport their own scooter if they don't have a vehicle that can handle the size?

They usually require a lift in the vehicle which is expensive. It's not exactly something that is light weight and folds up easily. I also hate to inform you that drug stores are usually a lot smaller than a big box store. And they usually have chairs available to sit down on in the Rx area.

Also, how is someone who is disabled like this suppose to load it in the vehicle if they don't have the lift installed?

Think all aspects of the issue first.

Evidently the OP is suppose to just stay home according to your thinking and not have a life.

to Wow #1370898

The best thing to do is to send a letter to Senior management.

Be proactive instead of just complaining.

to Anonymous #1373218

So you just want to complain about this and do nothing to address the problem.

to Wow #1370980

el whl chair carts are a bonus a courtesy(kinda like lowes close to me has free coffee in the mornings) (or places that have drinking fountain)

its not a requirement!!

unless they have a very large number there will always be times where theres not enough

are you goin in the peak times for the elderly/retired folks? 9 am to 4 pm?

try going some other time like late evening

to Wow #1371235

I watched a guy pulling one out of his trunk the other day.Pulled it out in 4 pieces that slid together.

You are also talking about shopping at a home center where they sell products for home improvements.My guess is that if you can't handle getting a scooter in and out of your vehicle you probably can't handle the projects you would be be shopping for at a home center either.

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