Indianapolis, Indiana
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You would think with 20 or 30 handicapped parking spaces you would have more than 1 (one) electric shopping cart in your Lebanon, IN store. Handicapped people spend money just as well as anybody else.

I know a lot of people who won't go to this store because of the missing carts. Some one told me that you had food and paper products in this store (which I would have bought) but I can't walk very far (like from my car to your door) so I need the cart.

Please reconsider getting more electric carts. Get with the program people.

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If you can't walk that far than buy yourself a cart. If menards buys more carts for people to use than that cost is passed along through higher prices.

Why should I pay more so you can ride a cart? Pay for your own!


My store that I work at has a wheelchair for use. If people can't get around then we can find someone to either push you in the wheelchair or get the items you would like for you.

The only catch is that we don't always have a lot of extra employees around to do this.

But if a guest is patient then we are more than happy to assist. We cant pull extra people out of thin air.


One would think that if a person was that disabled they couldn't walk, insurance would assist in getting them a scooter. I know quite a few people who got theirs that way.

The majority of the people I do see using those carts are either young kids messing around or obese people who should be walking for the exercise. The few people who truly need the carts than can't get access to them for that reason.

I see that everywhere not just Menards. So maybe people should redirect their frustrations toward the people abusing the carts and not the businesses that offer these carts as a service to you.


get off of your lazy ace and do some excercise. Quit complaining and playing the entitled card. You haven't earned it.


If I had $3000.00 laying around, I would gladly buy one. If you, who are so self righteous, would like to give me the money, I'll go right out a buy one.


Ridiculous. If they have 1 cart you want 2.

If they had 2 carts you'd want 4.

And so on and so on. If you really need one that bad,buy your own.


I would give anything if I could walk 20 miles a day. I am not lazy, I have a deformed ankle that is extremly painful if walk very far.

I suggest before you sling **it you find out details. I'm glad for your grandpa, but sorry you have no sympthy for anyone else.


I do not care for the lazyness of America. 9 times out of 10 people using our 1 electric cart is some fat *** who.

Perhaps you cant walk very far, but it's probably you're fault.

My grandpa is 88 years old and he still walks 5 miles a day. If you don't take care of yourself I don't feel sorry for you.