Chicago, Illinois

Purchased a shed building kit, the store did not send a diagram on how to erect. I wrote several complaints to corporate office and was told that they are a discount store and if I was shopping at Menards I should know how to build the shed my self.

Wow is all I have to say, no customer service and now they have no customer! By the way the shed cost me $1800.00. I guess Menards makes enough money off others but nothing from me anymore.

I am now a devoted Lowes or Home Depot. By the way I can Build!

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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If you can find the manufacturer's name, you might be able to go on line and find the instructions. We had to go on line for installations instructions for a new faucet we bought.

A lot of the mfg. companies are putting their download instructions on line instead of including them in the box.

In regard to Home Depot, its no better. I have had nightmare experiences there too.

I hate to say it but, none of the big stores have stellar reputations. Everything is based on volume, stores are often understaffed, employees are poorly paid, and poorly trained.

If you are seriously ripped off, be prepared to got to small claims court or work through your credit card company.


Sounds like you have not only joined the " bend over your at menards club" but you may have to learn to speak Chinese, the instructions for the project are written in a foreign language. Don't ever think you will get any help from menards! Go to a home store that cares about the customer, LOWES or HOME DEPOT will at least treat you with respect.


:grin You are not truthful about the whole ordeal! No one at Menards would act the way you say they did! If they did, they would be fired!!


They have diagrams or plans for everything. I'm sure the store had them. Did you talk to a manager?


you bought the shed from mendards.....WHO was product manufactured by? Who was the Corporate office you called......that would be a handy piece of info