Indianapolis, Indiana

Upon reviewing my receipt from my local Menards store I noticed that they hadn't charged me for my laminate sample piece (priced at .99). I proceeded to go back into the store and pay for it (I hadn't even made it to my vehicle yet).

I stood in line somewhere between 7-10 minutes. There was a lovely older lady at the customer service counter assisting another customer. In those 7-10 minutes at least 5 idle Menards employees made eye contact with me and continued to go about their business. Not one of those overpaid employees offered assistance, made notion to the fact that someone would be right with me or even sneezed in my direction.

Please know that this was 9:00 Saturday morning, they were not busy. I have been in the customer service industry for the last 25 years. This is simply unacceptable.

Do yourselves a favor and do not expose yourself to such indifference.

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The thing that you don't understand is that not all employees are trained to run the register, let alone help at the service desk. I happen to work in the front end at a Menard's in Minnesota, and don't know how to do things at the service desk. It's not necessarily the employee's fault at the time, because they simply couldn't do anything to help.


As I work at a Menards in Wisconsin, I , too, have been on the other side of poor front end customer service people. I have dealt with an assistant front end manager telling me that " I don;t work out here in the garden center, and if you ask or tell me anything, I'll just laugh at you." I replied back to him that I didn't believe that was an appropiate response that management should make to a team member, especially in front of customers.

I reported this lovely remark to my superviser, who then reported it to the assistant G.M. on duty that day. I found out later he was reprimanded for his remarks, but he never did apoligize to me. Unfortunetly.

in my store the front end managers have a reputation of being snotty and difficult to all team members, even among themselves! So far, nothing has really ever been done to curb this attitude. For the most part, our guests are treated with the respect , even the difficult lady who visits weekly.

She is known as the 'rebate lady', and will ask where every thing is located, even though she probably knows the location of every item in the store better than the team members! We still go out of our way to assist her, even though some of the regular sales associates will walk away and hide from her.You see, I work as a morning stocker, and we stockers are usually the only people the customers can find to help them.


Well I agree customer service at Menards is a joke as well as Management. Here's my story.

I normally like to shop at Menards but after today I am not sure when I will return. Let me explain. I called the store in Crystal Lake on Tuesday and explained I had a 20% coupon from Home Depot and asked if they took competitor coupons as I am shopping for a Storm door. The woman on the phone stated she thought so and put me on hold and checked and came back and stated as long as it was a legit coupon with an expiration date that was not expired they would accept it. This was per the manager on duty that day. I went on Saturday, first the cashier was looking for some type of upc and couldn't find one, she called for another woman who then took the coupon and came back and said we don't take this coupon. I asked why when I did call first and she just stated they don't take it. I didn't take my door and I also went to the front desk and askedt o speak to a manager. Jennifer proceeded to say she was one, my fault I wanted the store manager and never asked that far. I again told her the story and she said that menard's no longer does the acceptance of competitor coupons and the I was misinformed by the other people that I talked to. So my synopsis is the customer service and manager on tuesday lied to me, my experience on Saturday is the Jennifer lied to me because I then talked to Ryan on the phone and all he told me he was sorry but they never took the20% coupon but they took others. So their staff is lying as to whether you do or don't take coupons.I worked in customer service and they should teach all employees to tell the truth. Guest services wrote back the following

"I'm sorry for any confusion and miscommunication, however, due to fraud wecannot accept competitors coupons for anything more than 10%.

So again I assume I am wrong and I guess trying commit fraud to Menards. Not true and I don't like the assumption that I would do that. Customers don't mean alot to them especially in this hard economics I guess they can afford to lose even if it is just one customer.


Dear poster:

I'm sorry you didn't get wrung up for your laminant, and thank you for being a good person and going back in to pay for it. Please, you have no reason to get mad at "those 5 idle employees".

If it's anything like my store, they work to the departments near the service desk (i.e. - Electrical, Plumbing, etc.) and it's very rare that you'll find one that has a clue whats going on at the service desk. If you've got a problem with the line, talk to the Front End Manager. The "5 idle employees" you speak of don't work in that department and were most likely taking care of their own so others such as yourself can't go to that department and get mad because "there's not enough employees working there".

I love that you've been in the customer service industry for 25 years and have never heard of this concept, especially at a big-box style store. Kudos to you being on the cutting edge of retail.


the responsibility falls on both the cashier and the customer. they both have an interest in making sure everything is rung up properly.

would it be great if the cashier never missed anything and was perfect at his/her job? sure it would. but it doesn't work this way, therefore the customer needs to make sure that everything has left the cart.

brian, have you ever worked retail? do you know with the *** those types of workers have to put up with?

it's frustrating to see a customer not use his head, and then blame the store for his issues. it can get maddening.