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I needed a 2x4 to replace one that I destroyed. I went to Menards on Miller Park in West Milwaukee, WI. I entered and was wandering around, at least 4 employees saw me and made eye contact, but not one said a word to me. It seemed to me that they trued to avoid me. When I finally found the area that I need, again the employees in the area never approached me or asked if I needed help. I finally got a guy behind a commercial counter and clearly explained what I need. He looked it up, handed me a sheet of paper and told me to pay for it at the register and pick it up n the back of the building.

When I got to the rear of the building, the guard had no idea what area of the yard I should go to and told me to check one area,if it wasn't there to check inside the building over there. I checked the long wall outside then drove inside and finally got out and walked around until I found my item upstairs and out of the way.

The very minimum customer service I expect, is to be acknowledged when I'm in your store and for your employees to know where products are.

Thank You

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Never had a problem at Menards. Employees are always willing to help. And I have shopped at several.


Yeah it seems like a common case of "worker should read the guests' minds".We say "Hi" to countless people everyday and most of the time the person does need help whether it is looking for a product (even though big green signs usually give it away), or a quick question.

I wouldn't feel too insulted by a couple of people not saying "Hi". Yes at least one of them should have said something but think of it this way. YOU had the question. YOU passed 4 different people and didn't ask a single one?

The 4 people only passed you once each.Understand where I am going with this?


Just as you distrust as, then we distrust others we well.What's wrong?

We're all human. As humans we are responsible for each other, we're related.

Refuse us then you'll abandon your brothers.We must learn to help each other.


We actually get fired over that even on first offense.We are usually busy as *** and wait for someone to come to us and ask.

Lastly, there ALWAYS HAS TO BE AT LEAST ONE PERSON at the Building Materials desk at all times no matter what.

If you need something that is not stocked inside which would be anything over 12 foot long, decking, or treated, go to the *** desk.How hard is that?


I use to work at Menards and that was one thing we always did was talk to the guest.Smile and ask if they need help.

Very simple.Some stores may have some not so up to snuff supervisors.


its a self service yard so you help yourself thats why its cheap.


its not away the easiest to approach some one they are up ur *** when you don't need them but as soon as you have a question they avoid you like the plague


All you have to do is ask.Unless you're too much of a pu**y.

Then I guess you'll never get any help anywhere.F'ing retard.


quit being a baby and initiate contact next time. it seems to be common sense but not with you. for shame!

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