Dayton, Ohio
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Menards has lost another customer... and statistically 10 more after this!

I live 1.15 miles from a Menards location in Tipp City, OH and have frequented this location for nearly 4 years with continued frustration. The last straw... what retail outlet waits to have 0 of an item before they order more of anything?!?! Paint, light fixtures, screws, plants, windows!

these are the common "in stock" items I have gone in to purchase and nope... And to top it off their "customer service" number simply is an automated system to instruct you to mail a letter or fill out a form at your local store, not even an option to speak with a live person or a hope the issue will be fixed. I will drive the extra 10 miles to Lowes right past this store for materials to complete the renovations on my home.

As an update, I quickly searched the Lowes website and within 4 clicks found the customer service phone number! Imagine that

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Talking with a customer service representative will not change anything about how Menards order items. Matter of fact Menards system is highly effective.

It much quicker than having a human do it and it greatly reduces errors. Do you have any idea how many different products Menards sells, now imagine having to manually place an order for each and everyone of those once the quantities begin to get low. What most people do not understand is that Menards normally and most major retailers do not have endless volumes of stock. It simply does not work that way and the last thing a retailer wants to do is buy more than they can sell.

And sometimes simply supply cannot keep up with demand, that falls onto the manufactures shoulders.

The only thing Menards ever sells out of is sale items (reread my supply and demand comment or try googling it) or items they low stock because they're not quick movers. It's very obvious from your argument you lack knowledge with manufacturing and retail.


SharkNasty knows what he is talking about!!!!


Manually place the order? Does Menards also still use 3.5'' disks to save files on?

Come on major retailers have adopted a JIT technology-based supply chain management system or they are no longer in business.

This is not an excuse, so much as it is BS.