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We were at Detroit Lakes Menards on Saturday. The lumber yard was very busy.

I asked "Chris"never for help and said he couldn't because it was a self serve lumber yard. After that it went down hill. At one point there were four employees standing around just visiting with each other rather then helping out your customers. One time during our visit, the employee running the equipment, just sat and watched us load out lumber.

I was told by three employees plus a manager that it was a self serve lumber yard. I would think as big as menards is that customer service would be top on the list.

I will be telling this to every person I know. Will I ever shop this Menards again *** No.

User's recommendation: never shop this menards again NEVER.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Bad service to ask to pay them to answer a question, Terrible management and customer service.

Location: 1465 Menard Drive, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

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You have the choice of shopping at a full service yard where they will load your product or a discount self service yard. You will pay more at a full service yard as they will have more employees to assist you and pay them better as well. You made the choice to save a few bucks so you shouldn't be complaining that you didn't get the service you didn't pay for.


Totally agree! I always wonder at these complaints, who is helping them unload at home?


You feel the customer must pay a surcharge for an employee on company time to preform the job they were hired to do????? If an employee told a customer struggling to load heavy merchandise This is a self service store” the employee should be reassigned to a job not interacting with the public, sent home for the day, or terminated all together.

How can you jusity 4 employees loitering, playing pocket pool, and having social talk while a customer needs physical help loading merchandise???? Perhaps you are one of the clowns who promote this unmotivated behavior????


Menards is a Self Service Store, the employees were doing what they were hired to do.


They were hired to lean against the wall of the lumber yard with their hands in the pockets while a elderly customer struggles to load merchandise in the back of a truck???


The yard employees are there to keep the materials stocked and the yard clean. They also pull and assemble loads of material for customers that have PAID for delivery. Stay away from discount stores if you don't want discount service.


Menards has become the Aldi of home improvement, take it or leave it.

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