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I was overcharged. Went back with receipt and manager said there was no proof that wasn’t the price and nothing could be done.

With everything tracked electronically, I know there’s a way to find the price of an item on a certain day.

There is no national customer service number. Finally found a corporate number. Told me there was absolutely no way to speak to a human unless it’s at a local store. The person who answered said she does not keep any record of phone calls coming in. No notes. No data kept. So basically Menards goes to great lengths to not listen or communicate with customers in any way.

NEVER going back into a Menards store. They are lazy, unethical, and greedy. The fact that they are literally hiding from customers shows that they have something to hide.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Menards Cons: Response of local management, Response of corporate management.

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Don't waste your time, or money at Menards.


How long after the purchase did you decide you were overcharged? What makes you feel the pice you paid was higher than it should have been.

Was it in an advertisement? If so, get a copy of the ad and take it in.

It seems odd that you didn't question the price when you paid for the product. Most people would say something if the cashier asked them for $60 more than they were expecting to spend.


No, I did not check my receipt carefully. That's not something I'm in the habit of doing .

The total seemed a bit high, but I assumed it was because I had not accounted for the carpet pad rebate.I purchased on Friday evening because the sale price ended on SAT. I saw the over-charge on the receipt on Monday when I began entering the rebate form. I went to the store on Tues.The sale price was posted in the store, not in the flier. The flier said 'all woven carpet on sale' but did not list my specific choice.I'm simply asking that someone from Menards take the minimal effort that would be required to confirm the price on the date of my purchase.

This is not difficult, and I'm not asking anything radical. I would only take a manager who is not indifferent and lazy to find out facts. Truth should matter. He should not seem imposed upon by doing his job and making sure that his customer was not cheated.

The right thing should matter. The fact that he dismissed me so quickly and the fact that Menards has NO mechanism for communication tells me that overcharging in hopes no one will notice is common practice.


It sounds like your complaint is about the price of the carpet. When you buy carpet at Menards they either print a picking ticket for you with the price of the carpet (and this should match the register as the prices are coming off the same computer) or it has a tag on it with the price.

If these differed from the register price you have a complaint and should be able to take the tag or the picking ticket back as proof.

If the store manager were to look back in the computer for pricing it would come up with the price you were charged as the registers are using the same data base. Any chance you looked at the wrong tag?