Dayton, Ohio

we went to the store in miamisburg to buy a tankless water heater. the girl working that dept.

knew nothing and of course none were and there was no display. she ncouldn't even tell us where the vent kits were . guess whatwe went to lowe's. we will never go back to menards.we also found 250 ft.

of wire cheaper at lowe's by half price. lights were $10.00 cheaper at lowe's to. menard's is a real joke.

we did buy batteries and paper towel,and dog food because we were there and it was on sale. hope we get the rebate

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tankless water heaters are special order. I have gotten nothing but bad reviews from customers about tankless water heaters.

We don't sell many because they aren't as good as a standard one. Maybe you should do some research yourself instead of expecting a salesman to spoon feed you something you could read off the brochures that are literally right next to the (wait for it) display of a tankless water heater.


Here's "Anonymous from Anoka, Minnesota" to tell you how *** you are for going to Menards in the first place. What else can we expect from a (wait for it) Menards employee. :zzz


was the girl actually in the department or did you just grab a employee who was walking by. A plumbing employee who couldn't answer your questions should have found her manager or a more experienced employee.

Plus there is a display in "every menards". Chances are you cornered a cashier on her break or putting away returns.

She probable tried to help but should have gotten a Plumbing manager.


Which results in....Ta Da....a lack of customer service. So your points is?


Did you ask to speak to someone that knew about the water heaters? The girl "working" in the department may have be a cashier putting away returns or and employee from another department who just happened to be passing through the plumbing department.

I work in a department in the back of the store and have to pass through several departments to get to the restrooms, returns desk or janitors closet. I am often stopped as I pass through another department and am expected to know where products are and how they work.

Customers then get upset when I try to get them someone that works in the department and can properly answer their question. Don't assume that a person in Menards blue is the person that knows the answers to your questions just because the happen to be in a particular location.


Should have gone to Home Depot, not only will they beat lowes and Manards prices but they will knock off an additional 10%!! not only that but they install tankless water heaters.




This Miamisburg Menards is an absolute joke. Most Team Members there have a habit of ducking whenever a Guest comes near.

If you're lucky enough to catch one, lots 'o luck finding the answers you need.

Don't bother asking for a manager because most of them aren't a lot better. Judging by the layers of accumulated dust on the shelves, you'd never guess this Miamisburg Menards had its Grand Opening last summer.


We purchased our tankless water heater from the Marion, Ohio store. Our experiences are generally good in our store.

We are always being asked if we need assistance and are offered to get help for carry-outs and the like.

When we ask questions most of the time we get good helpful answers. I am sorry your store sucks, but I do think there can be worlds of difference from store to store.


I agree with you, Jess. Not all my experiences at our Menards store have been bad.

But our bad ones were REALLY bad and shouldn't have happened in a store that claims to be fair and professional. But this IS the place for those bad experiences to be heard, and there are obviously many Menards fans and employees that take offense at any criticism. Their goal is apparently to try and stop those from sharing their bad experiences. The truth seems to be that their are many issues with Menards way of doing business.

REAL issues you would think they would want to address, rather than try and bully their way past them. One thing appears to be very true, Menards has a great deal to learn from sites like this.

Unless they just don't care. 8)


you are a ***


So you're never coming back to Menards because one girl didn't know anything about a water heater? Have you worked a customer service job throughout your college degree?

Or don't you have a degree? Almost all young Menards employees are college students. Yes, some don't care about their jobs. However, most try to do a good job and learn as they go.

Menards does not pay us to learn outside of work, so there is no incentive to train.

However, your ignorance to this should be directed elsewhere.


Anonymous (so brave) is right. You can't expect ANYTHING from the Menards employees.

They don't get paid to do the job they are hired for, so go where they know what they are doing. 8)


Just left the same Mennards; went there because of the advertised 11% off of everything sale. Spent close to $200.

When the young girl rang up the sale I asked "isn't everything 11% off today?" She thought a sec and then said "oh you have to go get a rebate form and mail in for that".

what???? She never would have mentioned it if I hadn't asked and the whole mail in thing is a nuisance/ no more Mennards for this family!


You are you really that ignorant? The flyer says 11% rebate sale; the commercial says 11% rebate sale, and finally the banners in the store all over the place says 11% rebate sale....

The problem is you cannot read or listen...... Then when you ask a question the answer you get is not good enough for you. Cashiers are not expected to tell you about every deal going on in the store when you approach. You asked and got a fair honest answer.

The problem is not Menards. The problem is you. You do not listen well or read well then you have silly expectations.

Sadly you represent the average consumer.


"You are you really..." :? Really?

Get a grip, Heartless. We all know you like to trash those who complain about Menards.

But learn to read what you type, and get a grip. :x


Survival of the fittest Heartless. These are the same people who get mad because they can't return something because THEY forgot their receipt.

This guy can't even read a simple banner/sign/paper or pay attention to a commercial correctly.

Its obvious he's screwed in life as it is so let's not make him feel any worse.


Tankless water heater is a pretty large order for Menards. I doubt very much anyone who works for Menards knows anything about them, I'm sure they don't.

Go to a professional supplier in your area where safety and service Means something. Menards should not be selling items like this.


Your absolutely right! Menards is bad news when it comes to treating the customer with respect.

I can't tell enough folks to steer clear of Menards. Every opportunity available I tell folks how service at Menards is bad.

But I also have their competitors name right on the tip of my tongue.


You realize that you don't just get respect right? You should treat people the way you want to be treated.

Just because you are a customer doesn't give you the right to be an complete *** to whoever you're dealing with.

You'd prob be pretty upset if one of your kids came home and told you that some guy made them feel horrible because they couldn't read the costumers minds or know about every product in the store. You give respect to get respect.