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I've been remodeling my house for 4 years. I have rheumatoid arthritis and last year I fell off a ladder and now ocassionally I can't walk for more than 10 minutes, so my husband recommends I use an Amigo (electric riding cart for the handicapped). If I see someone who needs one worse than me in any store I'll let them have the one I'm using, hand the shopping list over to my hubby, or simply go back to the store another day.

I don't shop at Menards because they don't have any Amigos (electric riding carts for the handicapped). One of their employees told me that the rational was that Menards was sued by a customer who got run over by another customer.

Their employees are no Amigos (friends) either. I'll take my $ elsewhere, even if I have to wait 15-30 minutes for an Amigo!

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I'd consider taking "Menards Employee"'s note to heart, but if he worked there, he's know we don't call anyone working there an "employee". If you can figure out what we call our people, I'll give you another shot at it. Nice try though.


i am ashamed of the "employees" previous comments. it sounds like you need to get out of the customer service industry, and i hope that you never find yourself unable to walk due to whatever reasons and need assistance from a cart or some supposed customer service person.

grow up, its not like the cost of a cart is coming out of your paycheck. our employees loose more money due to having to keep to strick payrol/sales ratio so the managers get their bonuses from cutting our hours.

handicapped money is just as green as anyones ... who are you to decide who is worthy of FRIENDLYcustomer service?


If you are that disabled you should have your own Amigo. It should not be the responsibility of the retailer to carry you around the store.


I think you guys need to hush up. From a business stand point, we would make more money in the long run because guests would shop at our stores.

I know people at my store that can only come in and get what they came for and get out. If we had motorized carts people would browse more and we would make more money.

Plus it's common courtesy for a retailer. Granted the up front cost would be a lot, but I believe we would make it back.



I forgot to put it in the last post.



I hate Amigos.

Its exactly this type of enabling that is wrecking our country. If you have trouble walking, go get your own Amigo. Why do you expect other people to fix your problems? Take care of yourself, you lazy *** (thats spanish for ***.......did you really think pepole dont know that Amigo means friend? Are you crippled and ***?) How noble of you to let the other invalids take the electric walking machine. It almost makes up for how incredibly self absorbed you are to expect these machine to be there in the first place.

I am sick and tired of hearing people complaining about these *** electric carts. I think I'll use the common "gas is so expensive" argument here. If we put an electric cart into every store we would have to pump 1.21 jigawatts (I just saw Back to the Future again, and I like hearing Christopher LLoyd saying that number) of electrical power into the batteries of all these *** little mobility devices every day. If we use coal-fired electricity, then we'd have to strip mine to get the coal to use your cart. If we used nuclear electricity, then there'd be three-eyed fish in Lake Springfield. If we used Hydro, then some tree hugging hippie would be pitching a fit and camping out in a sequoia. All of this land pillaging, nuclear waste generating political turmoil causing hoopla because you're too freakin lazy to use your walker.

I hate those *** carts.


Good we don't want you in the store and bothering everybody that works here becuase you need you hand held for every dam question you ask right down to were is the bathroom. Should I wipe your *** to?


Hopefully you realize that all the $$ you'd save by shopping at Menards, you could afford a motorized chair. And if your disability is THAT bad, how do you not have one to use everywhere?


you should probably go and buy your own, then. why rely on stores to provide one? i suppose if you like spending more money than you have to, shopping elsewhere might be better for you.