lack of advertising in local paper-----why---your choice or is the local paper just not putting it in the paper?

User's recommendation: When you see something wrong at this place say something or it never changes.

Location: 5105 Integrity Way, Appleton, WI 54913

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If you really need to see that they are running another 11% rebate you can see their ads on their website.


They have run the 11% "rebate sale" nearly continuously for the past year and half, with the exception of Thanksgiving to Christmas. Over the time of the 11% "rebate sale" they have jacked up the prices slowly but surely.

Of course prices have gone up due to natural inflation and limited supply as result of the pandemic, but they have been raising the price of tools, patio furniture, paint, plumbing, flowers ETC continuously over the past year and a half to compensate for the 11% "savings". Of all the rebate receipts printed at the register only 30% is eventually redeemed for merchandise. With the house keeping 70% of the promotion value no wonder they run it forever.

Regarding the sale ads the ads no longer have sale prices but rather they show random items at "everyday low prices" minus the 11% "savings". Menards is no longer the place to "save big money"

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