Fort Dodge, Iowa

I purchased a new frig on 5/30/08 knowing that the gentlemen delivering it would not hook the ice maker and water feature up. I knew that I had to get a plumber to do that and did have one lined up.

The day after delivery (6/2/08) I had the plumber and his assistance at my home for approximately 4 to 5 hours trying to hook up the ice and water. After a trip to Menards to see what parts were missing and being advised that they could not take parts off a floor model refrigerator, I was given (by the plumber) an 800# to call and get the part.

Needless to say I was not a happy person and immediately went to the store and spoke with the 1st assistance on duty. After talking with him, a salesperson and someone from the parts department, I was advised to get the owner of the plumbing business that I used and get a second opinion. I did have the owner over the next day and was first advised that the wrong booklet was delivered with the frig. It did not have the proper set up procedure in it. And, yes, there were parts missing. I then went back to the store and advised them of the missing parts and spoke with the manager. The part was ordered (6/4/08) but has yet to be received.

I am now stuck with a $455.21 plumbing bill and have yet to have the water and ice feature hooked up on the refrigerator.

I am wanting the company to pay the current plumbing bill and to now pay the bill to have the water and ice hooked up. I was more than willing to pay this before but after the hassle and numerous trips back to the store, am no longer willing to do so.

If the above is not done promptly, I request a replacement refrigerator.

I am filling out and mailing "Installed Guest Complaint Form" along with copies of all receipts, etc.

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