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Urgently looking for an over the oven microwave LG model LMV 2031BD. Looking locally revealed nothing in stock, special order only.

Looking further showed the Indianapolis East Menards on 42nd street just off Pendleton had two in stock. Leaving early morning and driving 45 mile each way I was told the two in stock were display models and not for sale. Strangely there was only one unit on display and the no where in sight. New incoming models were on back order and not expected until April if then.

So being rather upset I returned to our local Lowe's store in Kokomo, Indiana. Thinking if delivery wasn't to far out it would be best to place one on order. No such luck, it would be ar least May before arrival. Knowing that Samsung had a very similar model with a good rating I asked if any were in stock.

Yes, there were two.

One went home with me for less money than the LG and just as good if not better than the LG. Just maybe these kinds of problems are why the Menard's store ratings are frequently are in the two and three star range!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Other issue.

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So....sob story about your own impulsiveness and how driving 90 miles is such a massive inconveniece to little old you. Got it.


This is a manufacture issue and a consumer issue, it's not a retail issue. When will people learn retailers have ZERO CONTROL over manufacturing production issues.

The funny part is you gave Lowes a pass and blamed Menards. You could have easily selected a different brand at Menards you just waned to be angry with them because. Get over yourself!!

Want better service? Be a better consumer!


What does this problem have to do with Menards? Sounds like the vendor had them on backorder.

You found that out when you went to Lowe's and had the same exact issue. It wasn't until you chose to go with another manufacturer of the microwave were you able to take one with you.

You could pick up many different manufacturer's products at all retail locations. That's kinda the idea.