Omaha, Nebraska
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I bought a new gas tiller. I put gas in it and pulled the cord to start and the motor didn't move.

Something in the cord. I brought it back to the store 1 hour after I took it out of the box and never did run. They told me to bring it to a repair shop and would do nothing for me. This was the worst customer service experience I've ever had.

Lowes and Home Depot have never treated me like this.All I asked for is an exact replacement of what I just purchaced.

This was horrible. Elkhorn,Nebraska

Monetary Loss: $150.

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You screwed up by not calling corporate right away.


Our local Home Depot will most definitely refund or exchange, which ever the customer prefers, regardless of gas issue. They have tool rental and repair that drains the fuel and assesses the issue after they have satisfied the customer. We shop Home Depot because they always put the customer first.


When you buy a product that you put gas in at any retail store AFTER you put gas in it the manufacturers warranty is in effect. If it won't start(mostly because of human error) or breaks it goes to the repair shop NOT the retail store.

If you want full red carpet service go pay twice to four times as much for a new one at a full service center dealer and then if it breaks or wont start, they wont just fork over a new one either. They will take up to 24hrs to decide whether to fix or replace and if they decide to fix it they can take up to 7 days before you really have any case.

Please, if you pay $600 for a push mover at a dealer, it breaks, and they keep it for 5 days to fix it. Please complain on here so I can LMFAO at you.


Heartless, you need to get your facts straight. The gas issue is only a Menards thing. Hd and Lowes would have taken it back.


I just purchased a mower today. Same thing, but mine ran for 5 min.

Now it's locked up. I followed their instructions. Put gas and oil in. The manager said there was nothing they could do to fix my issues.

Now I get to wait a week to use my new purchase!

I am so pumped and can't wait to go back to Menards. But hey, I did save big money, or did I?


obviously someone above works for Mennards. I work for a Wireless complany and If we treated our customers this way we would not have any customers left.

Oh I'm sorry you put your battery on your phone so we cant exchange or replace it you will have to send it back to the manufacturer for repair. How well do you think that would be received?


Not to mention that there's no mention of adding oil to the tiller.....another customer service issue I'm sure.....


it's labeled all over the place by the gas pushed equipment that Menards do not take returns on those items once gas is put into them. It then proceeds to say it must go to a repair shop.

If you did nothing to create the problem the warranty would cover it. It also says on your receipt the same policy. Home depot and Lowes also has the same exact policy.

It was not a customer service issue.

It was a self entitled customer issue. You should educate yourself more on the return polices before your make such a large purchase.


Home Depot and Lowes are VERY good at making it right. Menards is sort of a second class citizen in this regard.