New Palestine, Indiana
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I bought over 1000 dollars worth of ceramic and thin set and bathroom stuff, I had a new ceramic shower installed, I was told I would receive 11 percent off my purchase, but I had to send in all my receipts. So I did and waited, 60 days latter I received my rebate check for 11.38 cents.

I was so upset I could not believe how they even came to that figure. I was expecting a check for over 100 dollars. I will never shop there again and intend on taking everything back to them and filing a law suit over this, I am a single handicapped women and needed a handicapped shower.

I am sick, I could of bought the stuff much cheaper at another store. sincerely will never shop in any Menards Stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Rebate was a joke..

Monetary Loss: $150.

Menards Cons: Refund.

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I so agree I just wish they would take care of this issue. Bad business.


No the issue was not resolved sincerely Teresa Bryant


"rebates international" is really just a "under the table" division of menards. The primary purpose of the "company" is to pass the buck when customers have a concern such as this situation.

The address is for a PO box in Elk mound wisconsin which believe it or not is literally a stones throw from Eau claire wisconsin where menards corporate office is located. On the rebates international website there is a picture of a 4 floor office building with the company name on the top, however considering Elk mound wisconsin is a tiny hick town with population of right around 800 and 2.28 square miles, there is absolutely no way a building this massive exists in a tiny farm town. Furthermore when I sent in a rebate to the address and has the envelope require a signature confirmation of receiving the person who signed simply printed "RAY" in block letters. Ray is well know as the name for the person who replys to menards concerns as well and first name of their former tv spokesman.

You were 100% right to return any merchandise you can after the rebate form scammed you over so menards can't make a profit at your expense. Menards employees who play "volunteer superhero" such as mrsharknasty make up any nonsense excuse whatsoever they can to create the illusion menards is god and the frustrated customer is a total *** Bottom line is Menards = rebates international. P.S.

if "rebates international" really is a " international" company name one overseas company or for that matter any company other then menards this company processes rebates for.


I have sent in over 100 rebates without any issues. But if you sendon't in multiple atimes one time you only get 3 on each rebate form. You can also check on your rebates on


Did you return any merchandise from the original receipts or get a price adjustment on any of the things you purchased. Any of these may affect your rebate. If you saved a copy of your rebate contact the e-mail address provided for details on your rebate.


No I never got any deals paid full price for everything. My rebate should have been well over 100 dollars.

I sent all my receipts in as it says to. But menards can look it up. No I have not returned anything at this point. Shower was installed last November.

I am considering suing for the stress alone. They should of just given me the 11 percent off my entire bill in the store.

To me it is a joke to them but I promise I will never shop there again. Truly disappointed in the company.