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I ordered (and paid online) for a small item at the Madison west location. As it turned out, they tacked on a $1.50 convenience fee.

Turns out it was the most idiotic/convoluted process that was a nightmare. Went to the desk as indicated on the sheet, they directed me back to another area/door. Nothing was marked. Had to grab someone, who then directed me to another location.

Had to find somoene else, who was going to take me all the way to the other side until another employee redirected him. Instead, went to yet another section. FINALLY got the product, then was told I had to go through a certain checkout line (why? I've already paid).

The girl at the checkout had no clue so she had to put on the panic light and we waited for a LONG time before someone came and 'approved' me. I have never seen any set up so ***! Wasted more than 30 mins for something that I should have just been able to go to the customer service and hand it to me. And as I said, on top of this, I was charged a "processing" fee for the terrible and inconvenient service!

NEVER do the online prepaid ordering unless you want to pay for bad service and waste a lot of time for no reason.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service.

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I had the exact same experience. So stupid!


Nothing changed at Menards. Home Depot is blowing them out of the water with online ordering.


I made my first on-line order from Menards and have been waiting 3 weeks now. They have a stupid tracking system that lies.

It first displayed a shipping date of 6/6, it's now 6/15 and according to the tracking information, it's not even half way through the process. The tracking bounces between In-Transit and Staging.. Supposedly it thru the Valley DC and now it's on it's way to Shelby DC. I could have driven from St.

Louis and picked it up myself wherever Menard's home office is located and driven back , installed it and been done. Lowes and Home Depot, even Sears is MUCH faster.


Agreed. I too noticed this processing fee upon checkout.

I had spent a lot of time shopping and navigating their app to find the perfect gift for my grand-daughters 6th birthday. My order was less than $40, but, there was an almost $6 processing fee. What in the world?So, I got pissed and deleted the order. Amazon Prime for the win!I had just purchased over $700 worth of flooring, special order.

I was so upset with Menards that I wanted to cancel this order too, but, I spent weeks searching for just the right products and was on a deadline. I didn't have time to start over.Menards, you REALLY need to understand your competition. I purchased lawn furniture for my 80' long veranda. 2 love seats, 4 rockers, 2 coffee tables, 4 end tables AND a dining table, 4 chairs, umbrella and stand....

ALL of that for zero shipping AND zero processing fee. So, charging any processing fee for a small order, just dumb.If I need ANYTHING in the future, online or not, you will be the absolute last place I look. I have principals too after all. If you don't care about my online dollars, you don't care about my in-store dollars.

I am disabled and it's difficult for me to physically go in to the store. Much easier to shop online. Feels like you are taxing me for being mobility challenged. No thanks.Way to loose business guys.

Whatever VP came up with this processing fee idea... needs to go.


I just attempted to change my pickup online to ship to me and it still wants to charge me close to $9 processing fee. I cancelled the order and will go to Walmart.


I had one even worse. Pretty much the same situation as you indicated above with the bouncing around and trying to locate my prepaid item.

Then, THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ONE. They sold me something that they didn't have in stock, yet clearly indicated in the paper work that I was coming to pick it up on a specific day. They knew I was coming to pick it up, clearly written, but didn't tell me (or didn't check) that they even had one for me to pick up on that day. Wasted my entire trip over there to pick up something they sold me that they didn't even have yet.

Then they run me through the special order process....

THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT I DID IN THE FIRST PLACE, order the item! So they took my money, said I could come and pick it up on Thursday, but never actually had one or never actually ordered one.


I ordered online without realizing the fee initially. When I saw my online receipt, I chose not to pick up my online order.

I instead went to the store and picked my item from the shelf to purchase for cheaper than my online order due to fee.

When my online order canceled, I was charged another fee to place my original item back on the shelf. I typically prefer Menards but their fees for basic customer service offerings has me looking to Amazon more often.


retired marine


Cripes, give someone a break. Why should your bad experience be an attempt to destroy a great service--if it isn't in the store and you want/need it, what else can one do?

This is an opportunity for you to do something possibly usefui. How about spending a short time with the on-duty mgr or asst mgr? Even better, if a problem needs fixed, get off your *** andcontact the store's honcho (if not on duty at the time of your poor service)?

Having personally noted what the sequencing and confusion and, it seems, simple lack of knowledge regarding item identification, employee lack of knowledge about how, where, etc., maybe you're experienced enough to offer your services as a consultant to analyze and suggest a customer friendly remedy. And, calling or writing the big Menards in the sky if you receive no satisfaction is more useful than blathering.

@retired marine

You can't even spell, shut up !


I would never use Menards' in-store pickup. Far faster to just go to the store, ask someone where the item is, and grab it and go.

I completely agree with everything in this post and have seen tons of others posting the same types of scenarios.

Menards really sucks in this category from the Processing Fee that no other store charges to having the pick up located in the far back of the store warehouse to then having to wait in the checkout line even though you've already paid for the item. Complete joke.


If you can follow the signs the pick up area is pretty easy to find. You go trough the register and show your receipt and have the product checked out so you don't get picked up for shoplifting.

As you would have noticed if you looked around, there are a lot of things waiting to be picked up at any one time. Do you really think there is room to store them at the service desk? You are charged a fee as someone has to pull your order, tag it and acknowledge it is ready for you. You can avoid the fee by simply coming to the store and getting it off the shelf yourself.

What you gain by ordering ahead is the knowledge that your product is actually there waiting for you when you get to the store. It will be in the pick up area and you won't have to search the store for it's stock location.


Lowe's and Home Depot seem to be able to do it, and WITHOUT a service fee. They also treat you with more respect and actually have people there to wait on you. I won't order anything from Menard's unless they are the only place that has it, and then I will think 3 times if I really need it or not, just to avoid Menard's.