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This past Sunday I purchased a Brute Lawn Mower as a gift for my Mother. Took it home that day and went to start it and oil was spraying everywhere.

It is now Wednesday and I have gone to 2 different Menards to return it. Menards return policy prohibits the return of any gas operated equipment that has, or has had gas and oil in it!! How in the *** would I find out if it was a faulty piece of equipment if there wasn't gas or oil in it!?!?!?! What BS!!!

They are telling me I have to take it to a repair shop, and the closest one is 25 miles away!!! I work 70 hours a week. So I now have to waste my time, gas, and miles on my leased truck to have a working product that I spent over $300 on only 3 days ago and have not been able to use. This is unexceptionable.

I will never shop there ever again. And I will tell people to never shop there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Brute Power Lawn Mower.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $317.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The biggest piece missing here is that all mowers are tested before they leave the factory. Yes, every one of them, regardless of what retailer carries them.

So in the very small cases in which a defect caused the error, it would be repaired under warranty. However my guess is that this guy screwed up and now is mad at the world because of it, and no one will bail him out for screwing it up. Be mad at yourself buddy, not the world. PS..

Oil spraying everywhere? Maybe you should make sure you have the appropriate oil level in the machine, sounds like you overfilled it, or forgot to put the cap back on, these are pretty basic machines.


So much ignorance here..... Consumers are responsible to take the time of understanding return policies of a retailer before they make any major purchase!!!!

The reason this policy exist is very simple, people like to take advantage of Menards and manufactures by misusing gas powered equipment causing a major loss of revenue. Menards and manufactures have every right to protect themselves from ignorant tools like yourself and people trying to use them as a free rental shop. Other retailers have very similar policies on gas powered equipment. Menards staff is not qualified to diagnose if it was a consumer caused issue or a defect in the machine, thus it must go to a repair shop to discover the cause of the issue.

If it's a defect in the machine and one covered under the 2 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY it will be no cost to you. Learn from this. Don't blame Menards, if anyone you should be angry with yourself or the manufacture.

After all you failed to understand what you were getting yourself into and the manufacture may have engineered a defective product. Menards is just the middle man and all retailers are for that matter.


Do you really think they are going to miss someone that can't understand their return policies? They are posted at the returns desk in the front of the store, on signs in the power equipment area and on the receipt when you make a purchase.

They have polices on gas powered equipment and put them right where you can see them in more ways than one.

If you don't agree with those policies you shouldn't have purchased the mower there in the first place. Now you waste your time running from store to store trying to return something they aren't going to take back unless a repair shop says it's unrepairable.


Maybe I am missing something, but how is this Menards problem? Maybe you don't understand how retail works, but Menards did not make your lawnmower, why would they pay to repair it.

That is what manufacturers warranties are for.

Shut up you whiny crybaby *** and go to Lowes, we dont need customers like you, we have plenty of good ones!


Sound's like a post for the Brute website? As, correct me if I'm mistaken, Brute made that lawn mower and not Menards.


It's pretty obvious you don't read the posts on this site nor the signs in the store telling you they won't take it back. Once you have put gas in it, it must go to a repair shop for repair under the manufacturers warranty.