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I bought 2 lamps from Menards that when I looked at the 2 pictures they provided online it DID NOT SHOW THE POWER CORD STUCK ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE GLASS LAMP COMING FROM THE TOP OF THE LAMP!! What idiot designs it this way and I sure as *** would of NEVER ordered it that way if in knew that.

I can return them but lose my shipping fee (which is BS anyway one why couldn't you do site to store) PLUS, I wouldn't of ordered if i had KNOWN!! They said in their descrption the seashells inside lamp don't come with lamp BUT YOU DON'T SAY OH BTW THE ELECTRICAL IS STICKING OUTSIDE OF THE GLASS GLOBE ON A BIG ROUND METAL OBJECT AND IT RUNS DOWN BACK LOOKS HIDEOUS OR AT LEAST SHOW A PICTURE OF IT!!!! THAT'S A MAJOR, MAJOR DESIGN FLAW. and not only do i lose my shipping if I want to return it, when you sent me my order you said it we a "SPECIAL ORDER"????

And now you are gonna charge me a 25% RESTOCKING FEE too!!!! WTF? Who the *** said anything about ordering anything special? MY initial confirmation NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT BEING A SPECIAL ORDER!!!

NOT ONE WORD. ONLY ONCE YOU SHIPPED did i receive an email notifying my "special order" had been shipped THAT'S SUPER SHADY.

SO now I'm stuck with these ugly lamps that i would of NEVER ORDERED or I can get furthur ripped off and return to you lose my shipping charge and a restocking fee. Nope I'll learn this lesson and NEVER BUY FROM YOU AGAIN BUT I PROMISE YOU THIS I WILL TELL ANYONE WHO I TALK TO TO NEVER SHOP OR ORDER FROM MENARDS AGAIN AND I TALK A LOT!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lamp.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I guess this just shows a great example of why shopping on-line isn't always the best idea. There are times when you see an ad in the newspaper and get to the store and the item just isn't what you expected.

You can just walk away and not buy it. When you shop on-line make sure you know exactly what you are buying. If you are willing to take a chance be 100% sure of what the return policies are before you make a purchase. It doesn't matter whether you are shopping Menards or other stores.

Return policies vary from site to site with some being much more willing to accept returns. Menards unfortunately is not among those with a consumer friendly return policy for on-line purchases.


Truth and I definitely learned it. It's just a bummer because it may not seem like a lot of money to a lot of people but it was a lot of money for me to spend on myself. I never buy anything for myself it was a treat that ended up being a trick :(


Anything you order from Menard's that you don't go into a store and take off the shelf is a special order. That's one of the ways they keep their prices down.

If they have to order something from a vendor and they can't order in bulk to get a discount it is a "special order" and they have to pay a restocking fee to the vendor. trying to sell items that are not regular shelf items is a big money loosing problem for them, therefore they charge a restocking fee to recoup there losses. It may seem shady, but the real shady companies that grossly overcharge for products just to advertise free shipping, no restock fee, and free return shipping.

Like Amazon for example.Those are the real problem companies. If Menard's could charge 7 or 8 times as much for those lamps and have people buy them at that price i'm sure they would have free shipping and no,restock fee as well.


Menards show be COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT ON WHAT THEY MEAN WHEN THEY REFER TO "SPECIAL ITEMS" as far as I knew I was just ordering a regular set of lamps from there website. I Specifically look at there return policy and thought oh this DOESNT APPLY to me I'm not placing an order for a special item.


The product I looked at in there pictures looks TOTOALLY DIFFERENT ASSEMBLED. SHADY, SHADY, SHADY business practices.


All you had to doo was look at their return policy before you placed the order and you would have clearly seen that they have a 25% restock fee on all returns. That alone should have been enough to keep you from placing the order.


I did see that but i wasn't ordering a special order item. I was only ordering lamps AND they should of posted photos of lamps that WERE ACCURATE!!!


Pictures, description, everything is provided by the people that make the item. At no point in time does any Menards or any other retail establishment employee physically inspect the products that vendors claim to offer. They had no idea either bro.


Really? See to me that's just insane.

Why would a company let someone represent them so completely. I still feel.Menards is at fault because I ordeeded these from and Menards who should be making sure they are actually describing what they are selling AT THE VERY LEAST POST AN ACCURATE PICTURE. I guess in the end.

I'm just one customer they lost BUT I guarantee they lost me forever. Damn ugly lamps -_-