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I have submitted 6 rebates in varying amounts between August and October and received nothing back, not even when I filed a BBB complaint against Rebates International. Menards just passes the buck to the rebate company, but they are the ones profiting from this deceptive advertising.

And they keep on advertising it! I cant turn on the radio without hearing a commercial for their 11% rebates, and I keep getting fliers advertising them, too. I seem to remember they didnt used to have the 11% rebates every week, but on the weeks they didnt they would offer free or deeply discounted items.

now it seems like the 11 percent rebate offer is going on all the time, but its just a lie since no rebates and, of course, no tracking information in the system, ever. Oh, and when you go online or even to a store kiosk to get a duplicate receipt, it doesnt have the rebate part, so when RI asks you to re-submit the rebate, it cant be done.

User's recommendation: Don't expect to receive any promised rebates and be extremely skeptical of any other promises made by this companyr.

Location: Apex, North Carolina

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Rebates International is related to Menards and is located in Menards buildings in Eau Claire. They are so backlogged due to the continuous 11% rebate that every purchase made in their 300 plus store qualifies for that it is taking a good 3 months to get a rebate.

Don't shop there for the rebates if you expect to get them in a timely manner.

Complaining to the BBB gets you nowhere as they have an F rating. If you want your complaint to count try sending them to your state attorney general.

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